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A conversation sometimes worth recording with mates Tommy Jackett & Josh Janssen. Each weekday, Tommy & Josh chat about life, creativity, business and relationships — big questions and banter. Regularly visited by guests and friends of the show! This is The Daily Talk Show.

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    #114 - Losing weight and all his money - Geoff Jowett

    You might recognise our guest Geoff Jowett's distinct voice. In the mid 2000s he was prominent on Australia's biggest morning TV shows, selling his weight-loss solution, Bodytrim. Through drug, alcohol and sex addiction, Geoff lost it all. His rock bottom experience has helped him create a new life for himself; with an ego in check and a greater mindfulness of what life really is all about.

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    #113 - Sandra, if you're listening

    A milestone episode for The Daily Talk Show! Sandra Sully subscribes to the show, we get official stickers and how much water is too much water?

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    #112 - Forgot Password

    All of the subscriptions Josh has, helping parents with tech, selling DVDs, a stollen motorbike and our mate with a massive chest.

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    #110 - Your emails

    We've received a bunch of email over the last week so we went through some of them!

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    #109 - Attractive people

    It's a weird one. Josh attended a conference today where someone spoke about unconscious bias and he went down a rabbit-hole about whether he is nicer to people who he finds attractive. Bree gives her two cents and we discuss road rage and dash-cams.

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    #107 - Peter Shepherd and the quarter-life crisis

    Peter Shepherd is a coach based in Melbourne. Josh first heard about Peter and his business, Human Periscope, when Seth Godin had Peter on his Facebook livestream q and a. We chat about doing the AltMBA program, changing your personal brand, going through a quarter life crisis and the difference of a cheap coffee. Seth Godin describes Peter as "...the real deal, the sort of person you'd want to be in the boat if you were going on a long swim in uncharted waters..."

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    #106 - Rob Ward - Quad Lock and Episode 3 of Melbourne Geek

    Our mate Rob Ward is the co-founder of Quad Lock, the most popular case for mounting your iPhone (and other smartphones) to your bike, car and more! What does it take to have a business partnership, the early days of the business and how becoming a Dad changes your perspective. We cover it all on today's episode of The Daily Talk Show.

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    #105 - Money, parenthood and suicide

    Brunch isn't the reason we don't own houses, being a parent isn't practical and the permanent solution to a temporary problem that is suicide. It's The Daily Talk Show on the Queen's Birthday.

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    #104 - No Bono & working at the fire brigade

    Bono couldn't make it, so we're doing The Daily Talk Show solo. Josh talks about his time working at the fire brigade and more questions surrounding housesitting.

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    #103 - Dirty little habits

    Josh has become more aware of a dirty little habit of his, Tommy's life as a waiter in Bondi and a risky spoonful of curry on a tram.

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    #102 - Working smarter, not harder

    It's been feeling like groundhog day for Tommy. Is routine good or mind numbingly boring? On this episode of The Daily Talk Show, we discuss the importance of how we look at time.

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    #101 - Dr Jason Fox | complex AF

    Dr Jason Fox — like all of us, he wears a few masks — Motivational Speaker, Bestselling Author, Wizard-Rogue & Leadership Advisor. On this episode of The Daily Talk Show, Josh & Tommy navigate the world of complexity, with Jason as a guide.

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    #100 - Hamish Blake on life

    Episode 100 of The Daily Talk Show! This is massive for us. We celebrate with our mate and legend of Australian entertainment, Hamish Blake. We cover a lot of ground. Too many things to put in the show notes, sorry!

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    #099 - Josh just got rich

    Have you ever thought "how does Winter actually work?", Tommy's wife accidentally killed a kitten with milk, filming Nana's funeral and Josh just quit his job and bought a house after winning big on Instagram!

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    #098 - Lisa Stephenson on understanding your story

    Lisa Stephenson is a global speaker, success coach, facilitator, MC, author and CEO of a global, Australian-based consulting firm. Tommy and Lisa have known each other for close to ten years! We delve into personal development, understanding your story and sitting in the shower.

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    #097 - Superfans episode!

    Our mate Tommy D was nearly on The Bachelor and how does Derek get to work?

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    #096 - Mental health

    The stigma of therapy, self help, creative work and collaborating with others.

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    #095 - House sitting

    The struggle of moving, bad customer service and looking after a dog.

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    #094 - Women in radio

    Josh was trolled on YouTube, the conversation on reddit and a long clunky conversation about women in radio.

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    #091 - Punching darts

    Margarita pizza with bacon bits, talking about people and getting high.

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    #090 - Cacklin' Jack Post's new job with Christian O'Connell

    Our mate Jack Post visits The Daily Talk Show! On Friday, he announced that he'll be joining Christian O'Connell on The Christian O'Connell Breakfast Show on Gold104 in Melbourne. We chat about radio and what Jack learnt spending 10 years working with Hamish and Andy.

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    #088 - The fate of the gate

    The last episode of Tommy being in the outback. Today, we chat to him from Longreach airport, the home of QANTAS.

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    #087 - Tommy live from the outback

    Tommy is working on a film in outback Queensland, but the show must go on, which involves Tommy hanging on top of a water silo to get reception.

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    #085 - Guilty

    Tommy is going out bush for a project and is feeling guilty about leaving the fam for a few days and Josh tastes the new block of Moro family block of chocolate.

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    #084 - Steam room friends

    It's a Friday fun one! Tommy makes a friend in a steam room, collaborators vs partners and some upcoming guests on The Daily Talk Show!

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    #083 - Aussie who just visited North Korea

    Josh's Instagram mate Chris Moses just visited North Korea for a holiday. What was it like? Chris gives us his North Korea experience from a hostel in Beijing.

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    #082 - Who's Tommy Jackett and Josh Janssen

    We've gained a few new listeners lately, so we thought it was time for a reset! Who's Josh Janssen and Tommy Jackett? We try to answer it on today's episode of The Daily Talk Show. We also cover ambition, your digital graveyard and Instagram themes.

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    #081 - Massaged like a bread roll

    Tommy lit his hair on fire, fancy restaurants, businesses missing the mark when communicating and is it too late to start?

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    #080 - Beyond motivation with Craig Harper

    Craig Harper, you've heard us quote him on The Daily Talk Show; one of Tommy's good mates and a well respected motivational speaker. Craig keeps shit real, celebrating episode 80 of The Daily Talk Show!

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    #079 - Socks that don't smell

    The relationship change from siblings as kids to adults, risky modelling, the vision of the podcast and Josh's socks he's worn for 5 days.

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    #078 - Josh's bro from America

    Josh's oldest brother, James, lives in North Carolina, USA. He moved there after receiving a scholarship to study Exercise Science (or something like that) at Wake Forest University, ended up getting married to an America and is now an assistant coach for a college Women's basketball team. He's visiting Melbourne, so we thought we'd get him on The Daily Talk Show!

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    #077 - Licensed

    Seeing someone get hit by a car, riding without holding on to handlebars and living overseas.

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    #076 - Creative support group

    How do you start a podcast and why haven't you started it yet? The Daily Talk Show chucks out some thoughts on creative community.

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    #074 - Hammocks in a scooter repair shop

    Easey st, Collingwood. The Daily Talk Show live from hammocks. Our guest Derek has turned his dyno room in his scooter repair shop into a podcast studio.

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    #073 - Bad Pork Roll

    The creative process is hard — combine it with business and you have the perfect recipe for potential overthinking and burn out. Josh asks Tommy some big life questions on this episode of The Daily Talk Show.

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    #072 - Mainstream media's Trevor Long

    Chatting with friend of the show Trevor Long, Australian tech commentator! How do you get an invite to Apple events and Trevor's big black clock!

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    #071 - Pen pals

    Reflecting on our chat with friend of the show Michelle, pen pals in jail and dumped wife revenge

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    #070 - Our Internet Friends | Michelle

    To celebrate episode 70 of The Daily Talk Show we thought we'd get our long time emailer, Michelle, on the show from the UK.

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    #069 - Weight-loss

    Every time we talk about health or weight-loss, Tommy loses his mind. This episode he doesn't — a fairly calm chat about losing weight.

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    #068 - Friendship

    A conversation on friendship turns in to nostalgia chat. #nostalgiaalert

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    #067 - Steroids

    Retiring hats, going bald, back hair and steroids. Woof! Woof!

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    #065 - Finding my birth mother | Ryan Jon

    Ryan Jon popped in to Tommy's studio today, so we decided to get him on The Daily Talk Show. He's a radio host in Perth, Western Australia with a powerful story of a search to find his birth Mum.

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    #064 - Speeding fines

    Final ep from the Gold Coast. What speed to drive when passing emergency services and bumping into friends when you're far from home.

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    #061 - Low energy and nothing to say

    We're tired! It's been a big day. We don't have much to say. Josh got a good deal on a Frankie magazine and Tommy describes what he ate in Europe.

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    #060 - Taking notes

    Fake meat, chucking out old love letters and taking lots of notes

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    #059 - Kids these days

    We haven't done much nostalgic content lately, so we ask the question; What sort of kids were we?

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    #058 - Storyboarding your video

    Doing things out of spite, when to break big news and why storyboards aren't necessary for a lot of video projects.

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    #053 - Being sued, becoming a PI and money

    It's Thursday, the day before Good Friday! We say it's episode 54, but we mean 53. We talk about being sued, private investigators and money, money, money!

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    #052 - Talking sport

    Josh & Tommy decide to dive into sports chat, which becomes sports gossip.

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    #048 - Quitting jobs

    Open relationships, Tommy's wired and Josh going out with a bang

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    #047 - Calling Massachusetts

    We call a guy in Massachusetts after he picked up a spelling mistake on Tommy's site and our billion dollar app ideas.

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    #046 - Graffiti and gangs

    Tommy was a tagger as a kid. He gives some insights into the graffiti scene in Melbourne.

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    #045 - Getting rid of things

    It feels like it's been a while since we've chatted. With Josh finishing up filming The Minimalists in Australia and New Zealand, getting rid of stuff is on our mind...and bargains.

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    #041 - Roaccutane and finding our niche

    Josh is in Sydney and Tommy's in his car in Melbourne. We both went on a super powerful drug as teens called Roaccutane. We talk about that and more!

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    #037 - Kids in restaurants

    Booking flights, restaurants we went to as kids, Tommy's life hack, upsetting sponsors and more!

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    #034 - Fizzy water Friday

    Another relaxing Friday night, this time, at Josh's place. Talking Hey Tiger, interacting with strangers, having a TV as a kid, auditioning for a reality show and more.

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    #033 - Our best episode yet

    Recorded in Tommy's office. Josh tries bringing some pre-thought out topics to the table and preemptively calls this our best episode yet.

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    #032 - Finding cash

    Tommy seems to have found a lot of cash in his life and Josh bought art off a guy who knocked on his door when he was a kid.

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    #030 - Fireworks from Bali

    Tommy & Josh both went to Bali in the 90s and have stories to share. Tax, religion and more!

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    #029 - Splitting the bill

    We're back recording in the same room this morning! Talking money and lending stuff to mates. Josh is a bit tired and talks too much.

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    #028 - You could probably skip this one

    We weren't in the same room for this episode and Tommy recorded straight from his mac, so it sounds like he's recorded on a potato.

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    #026 - Bum stings and ear rings

    Tommy talks about his bum hole stinging at the Dead Sea and Josh played basketball with Dwight from The Office. We're just in a simulation, guys. Remember that.

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    #023 - Jail time and karma

    Valentine's day, boxing, Olympics, karma and jail time. Less coffee in this episode.

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    #020 - Romance isn't practical

    We're going public! We've made it to episode 20. Engagements, marriage, weddings, being a copycat and does Tommy just wants to be famous?

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    #019 - The sugar has kicked in

    Everyone is wearing headphones, when podcasting first launched and the barrier to entry being lower than ever.

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    #014 - Radical honesty (ADULT THEMES)

    This episode is outrageous and might hinder our ability to get jobs in the future, but it was fun! It's The Daily Talk Show! Happy Friday!

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    #013 - Living someone else's dream

    Visualising for the perfect carpark, couples working out what to eat, getting stuck in our ways, buying houses, having an office and comparison.

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    #011 - Selling yourself & knowing your value

    Working as a creative. It's Tuesday morning and we have work on our mind, specifically knowing our value and understanding how to sell yourself as a creative.

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    #010 - Swearing less for religious mates and picking yourself

    The latest we've recorded an episode of The Daily Talk Show. While it's storming in Melbourne, we talk about swearing, specifically around our religious mates, phrases we're over using, picking yourself and Josh's favourite podcasting app.

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    #009 - Don't touch my magic wand

    Tommy and Josh here and it's The Daily Talk Show! It's Friday and a public holiday! On today's episode we talk about splitting bills, different people at workplaces, the positive punk that you want to punch in the face, fighting with a magician as a kid, the adult jumping castle and more!

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    #008 - On the topic of travel

    The Daily Talk Show is 8 episodes in! We decided to try something different by focussing on a single topic, given Josh will dart around a dozen topics in one episode. We talk about safety, food and work vs holiday travel.

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    #007 - Daycare is HOW much?!

    The Daily Talk Show! Today is Wednesday. Tommy Jackett and Josh Janssen here! We talk about what Tommy pays for his Son's daycare, public vs private schools, happiness, buying things online, trading breastmilk with randoms, sending off a tube of spit to California and buying pills after reading a fake article online.

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    #006 - Josh joins Tommy's gym?

    It's Tuesday and Tommy's back from being sick! On this episode of The Daily Talk Show we talk futurists, stripping , becoming a stand-up comedian and joining gyms.

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    #005 - Tommy is sick and rules for success

    This episode of The Daily Talk Show is a bit different. Tommy is sick today. I tried to force him to still do the podcast but he said he was vomiting and shivering too much. Lame. But I hope he gets better. Here's a recording of Tommy with his mate Craig Harper talking about rules of success. Some solid advice and better than no episode.

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    #004 - Haircuts, booze and winning

    Bad haircuts, Surfing in the Sydney Harbour, Cool dads, The Janssen household, Lushsux and winning. Have a great weekend!

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    #003 - Toe Thumb and free stuff

    3 in a row! The Daily Talk Show! This is huge! Living with a toe thumb, regional radio, flakey people, Josh’s Mum on the show...what more could you want?

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    #002 - Rabbit holes and cheap coffee in Melbourne

    It's another episode of The Daily Talk Show, with us, Josh and Tommy. Higher energy in the ep. We discuss everything from 7 eleven Coffee to fireworks and emergency landings.

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    #001 - Sorry, who are you?

    We introduce ourselves, talk about nostalgia, our Mums having our backs and brining the lowest vibe in podcast history. It's only up from here. So listen in, invite your Uncle and enjoy.

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