The Daily Talk Show

The Daily Talk Show

The Daily Talk Show is an audio show by mates Tommy Jackett and Josh Janssen. They spend half an hour each weekday talking about life.

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    #023 - Jail time and karma

    Valentine's day, boxing, Olympics, karma and jail time. Less coffee in this episode.

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    #020 - Romance isn't practical

    We're going public! We've made it to episode 20. Engagements, marriage, weddings, being a copycat and does Tommy just wants to be famous?

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    #019 - The sugar has kicked in

    Everyone is wearing headphones, when podcasting first launched and the barrier to entry being lower than ever.

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    #014 - Radical honesty (ADULT THEMES)

    This episode is outrageous and might hinder our ability to get jobs in the future, but it was fun! It's The Daily Talk Show! Happy Friday!

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    #013 - Living someone else's dream

    Visualising for the perfect carpark, couples working out what to eat, getting stuck in our ways, buying houses, having an office and comparison.

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    #011 - Selling yourself & knowing your value

    Working as a creative. It's Tuesday morning and we have work on our mind, specifically knowing our value and understanding how to sell yourself as a creative.

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    #010 - Swearing less for religious mates and picking yourself

    The latest we've recorded an episode of The Daily Talk Show. While it's storming in Melbourne, we talk about swearing, specifically around our religious mates, phrases we're over using, picking yourself and Josh's favourite podcasting app.

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    #009 - Don't touch my magic wand

    Tommy and Josh here and it's The Daily Talk Show! It's Friday and a public holiday! On today's episode we talk about splitting bills, different people at workplaces, the positive punk that you want to punch in the face, fighting with a magician as a kid, the adult jumping castle and more!

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    #008 - On the topic of travel

    The Daily Talk Show is 8 episodes in! We decided to try something different by focussing on a single topic, given Josh will dart around a dozen topics in one episode. We talk about safety, food and work vs holiday travel.

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    #007 - Daycare is HOW much?!

    The Daily Talk Show! Today is Wednesday. Tommy Jackett and Josh Janssen here! We talk about what Tommy pays for his Son's daycare, public vs private schools, happiness, buying things online, trading breastmilk with randoms, sending off a tube of spit to California and buying pills after reading a fake article online.

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    #006 - Josh joins Tommy's gym?

    It's Tuesday and Tommy's back from being sick! On this episode of The Daily Talk Show we talk futurists, stripping , becoming a stand-up comedian and joining gyms.

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    #005 - Tommy is sick and rules for success

    This episode of The Daily Talk Show is a bit different. Tommy is sick today. I tried to force him to still do the podcast but he said he was vomiting and shivering too much. Lame. But I hope he gets better. Here's a recording of Tommy with his mate Craig Harper talking about rules of success. Some solid advice and better than no episode.

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    #004 - Haircuts, booze and winning

    Bad haircuts, Surfing in the Sydney Harbour, Cool dads, The Janssen household, Lushsux and winning. Have a great weekend!

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    #003 - Toe Thumb and free stuff

    3 in a row! The Daily Talk Show! This is huge! Living with a toe thumb, regional radio, flakey people, Josh’s Mum on the show...what more could you want?

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    #002 - Rabbit holes and cheap coffee in Melbourne

    It's another episode of The Daily Talk Show, with us, Josh and Tommy. Higher energy in the ep. We discuss everything from 7 eleven Coffee to fireworks and emergency landings.

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    #001 - Sorry, who are you?

    We introduce ourselves, talk about nostalgia, our Mums having our backs and brining the lowest vibe in podcast history. It's only up from here. So listen in, invite your Uncle and enjoy.

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