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The Daily Talk Show

A conversation sometimes worth recording with mates Tommy Jackett & Josh Janssen. Each weekday, Tommy & Josh chat about life, creativity, business and relationships — big questions and banter. Regularly visited by guests and friends of the show! This is The Daily Talk Show.

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    #328 - ACA's Oscar Gordon

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we're joined by Oscar Gordon. Oscar has spent years developing viral social content for some of radios' biggest shows, including Kyle & Jackie O and Fifi and Jules. He now runs a production company with his best mate Sophie Monk (Lazy Susan Productions), and brings ideas to life with the SilverStar Mountain Resort.

    We discuss:

    • Oscar's Mum's side hustle
    • The ACA appearance
    • Blurred lines
    • Managing to lose a car
    • Viral video content
    • Pitching creative at SilverStar Mountain Resort
    • Oscar's production company, Lazy Susan Productions
    • Social media relationships
    • The learnings from the people around you
    • The tools we use and the content we create
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    #327 - AirPod Sucker

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we discuss:

    • A 7-Eleven life hack
    • Saying no to donations
    • Buying things on sale
    • Persian rugs
    • What happens when we're tired
    • AirPod cleaning
    • Team Gronk vs Gronk Squad
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    #326 - Sticky Fried Chicken With String Nguyen

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we're joined by String Nguyen. String is a video pioneer and LinkedIn video guru who has amassed a massive following and reputation in LinkedIn content creation space.

    We discuss:

    • Fried chicken cut through
    • How String got started on LinkedIn
    • The 7 layers to build influence and branding
    • String's limiting beliefs
    • Building a voice that sticks
    • String's new partnership
    • New age networking
    • LinkedIn content and personal brands
    • Diversifying distribution
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    #325 - No Cash

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we discuss:

    • When bad things happen
    • Rose tinted glasses
    • Josh's takeaway accomplishment
    • Cash payments nowadays
    • Josh's big weekend purchase
    • Meditation in school detention
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    #324 - Citizen's Arrest With Peter Shepherd

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we're joined by our mate, and official friend of the show Peter Shepherd. Pete is a coach, presenter and collaborator who is currently a head coach at Seth Godin's AltMBA.

    We discuss:

    • Friends of the show
    • Our Fat Fridays order
    • Pete's phone anxiety
    • The empowering choices we have
    • Citizen's arrest
    • Pete's upcoming holiday
    • Josh's Easter dilemma
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    #323 - Five Cats

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we discuss:

    • Tommy's dinner
    • Picking yourself and winning competitions
    • Pallet hunting
    • Our new internet provider
    • Guest episodes
    • Business partnerships
    • Deliveroo's latest innovation
    • If Uber Eats supports local business
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    #322 - Rigid And Jazzy With Genevieve Day

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we're joined by Genevieve Day. Gen founded one of Australia’s first digital talent agencies, Day Management, which connects influential talent with like-minded brands.

    We discuss:

    • The early days of influencer marketing
    • Talent worth
    • Influencers and authoritative figures
    • Brand awareness and ROI
    • Taking talent under your wing
    • Building beyond social media
    • Rebranding
    • Selling out
    • What's next for Gen
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    #321 - Made in Melbourne with Ichpig's Nate Swinefeld

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we're joined by Nate Swinefeld. Nate is the Co-Director of Ichpig, a streetwear brand designed and manufactured in Melbourne.

    We discuss:

    • Creating a brand that sticks
    • Cutting out the middle man
    • Customer experiences with a brand that cares
    • The Westside
    • Skating culture
    • Personal development
    • Entitlement and hard work
    • Lean business structures
    • What's next for Ichpig
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    #320 - Tommy's Lost His Ego

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we discuss:

    • Tommy's experience with the Wim Hoff Method
    • Josh's new shoes
    • Ethical brands
    • Josh's compression socks
    • School shoes
    • Craig Bruce's Game Changers Podcast
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    #319 - Checking-In With Stacey June

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we're joined by our mate Stacey June. Stacey has recently opened a new chapter of her life by starting another podcast called The Stacey June Show.

    We discuss:

    • Our Fat Fridays order
    • Porn addiction and sex life
    • Consciously uncoupling
    • Shared visions
    • Alternative medicine and therapy
    • Religion
    • Delusions and reality
    • Vulnerability and honesty
    • Meditation
    • The distinction between content and life
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    #318 - Charlie Clausen The Aussie Podcast Godfather

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we're joined by Charlie Clausen. Charlie is an Australian actor and podcast host of the weekly Australian comedy podcast, TOFOP.

    We discuss:

    • TOFOP Podcast inspiration
    • Branded content and podcasting advertising
    • The shift towards micro content
    • Consistency and podcasting as a career
    • The reality of show biz
    • Charlie's experience with TOFOP and Home And Away
    • Side hustles and hobbies
    • Partnerships and learnings
    • Live shows
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    #317 - Simon Taylor On Star Signs & Show Biz

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we're joined by Simon Taylor. Simon is a comic, singer, dancer, actor and magician all rolled into one. Simon has written for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell and Magic for Humans on Netflix whilst also producing his own one-hour comedy special.

    We discuss:

    • Star signs and the moon
    • The Melbourne International Comedy Festival
    • Creative burnout
    • Rituals and the work environment
    • Success and big picture thinking as a comedian
    • US vs Australian audiences
    • The indicators of a good show
    • Mainstream media content
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    #316 - Pillow Talk With Ash Williams

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we're joined by Ash Williams. Ash is an Australian comedian, podcaster, host, actor and writer.

    We discuss:

    • A round of apologies
    • Champagne and a foot fetish
    • Jumping the fence during Melbourne cup week
    • Ash's brand deals
    • A Seth Godin impersonation
    • Owing $2000 USD
    • How to really use an asthma puffer
    • Being on the cover of Fitness First Magazine
    • Relationships, dating and the psychologist
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    #315 - A Lot Of Complaining

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we discuss:

    • WWE and wrestling
    • April fools
    • Cold sores
    • Sunday anxiety
    • Chores and systems
    • Josh's social media retirement
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    #314 - Scooter Derek, This Is Your Life

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we're joined by our mate Derek Myers. Scooter Derek is an Easey Street icon, friend of the show and now is starting a yet to be released podcast on fatherhood called Hang On To Your Hat.

    We discuss:

    • Our Fat Friday's order
    • Derek's job history
    • Derek's first business
    • Derek's trip to the UK
    • School camps
    • Dirty Derek
    • The Johnston Street theory
    • Derek's podcast - Hang On To Your Hat
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    #313 - Loose Lips Sinks Ships

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we discuss:

    • Josh's social media retirement
    • Feedback on Mr. 97 disliking phone calls
    • An attempted setup
    • Josh's whiteboard markers
    • Our new potential HQ
    • Conspiracy Jimmy's risky move
    • The Daily Talk Show's future
    • Mr. 97's love language
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    #312 - TRIBE In NYC With Jules Lund

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we're joined by our mate Jules Lund and TRIBE UK's General Manager Lisa Targett. Jules has just got back from the US with $10.5 million in funding for TRIBE, a marketplace where brands invite influencers to create thumb-stopping content.

    We discuss:

    • Jules being back in Melbourne
    • TRIBE's recent investment and US expansion
    • Selling and validating the vision
    • When to celebrate
    • How TRIBE protects brands from fake followers
    • Matthew McConaughey and meditation
    • Team competitiveness
    • Investing in employees
    • Millennials job hopping
    • The future of content - out of home digital
    • TRIBE's next steps
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    #311 - Craig Harper's Questions For Humans (LIVE SHOW)

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we discuss:

    • Craig's dedication
    • Self awareness
    • Writing your own story
    • Putting yourself in a place to grow and evolve
    • Questions we should ask other people
    • Changing your operating system
    • Advice to Mr. 97
    • Curve balls and perspective
    • Ambition
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    #310 - Eyewitness Janssen

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we discuss:

    • Phone call anxiety
    • Josh's exciting Friday morning
    • Being on the news
    • Staying low-key
    • Curiosity and the desire to know what's going on
    • Creepy fan mail
    • The final reminder to pay your hospital cover
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    #309 - Shameless Podcast Success

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we're joined by our mates Zara McDonald and Michelle Andrews. Zara and Michelle host the Shameless podcast, the pop-culture podcast for smart women who love dumb stuff.

    We discuss:

    • Dealing with podcast feedback
    • Zara's bad habit
    • Going from journalism to podcasting, the Shameless Podcast story
    • A Fat Fridays surprise
    • Social media
    • Making mistakes
    • Josh's obsession with domain names
    • What's next for the Shameless podcast
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    #308 - Cyan Ta'eed On Purpose & People Pleasing

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we're joined by Cyan Ta'eed. Cyan is the co-founder of Envato, and the founder of Hey Tiger, a social enterprise focused on helping cocoa farming communities in West Africa. Cyan was awarded Telstra's Victorian Business Woman of the Year and EY's Entrepreneur of the Year in 2015.

    We discuss:

    • Humble living
    • Going from Envato to Hey Tiger
    • Product and brand ethics
    • Comfort zones and pressure
    • Cyan's purpose
    • Developing confidence
    • Going to the psychologist
    • Balancing not giving a f*ck and kindness
    • The next steps for Hey Tiger
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    #307 - 3D Dyl Down Under

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we discuss.

    We discuss:

    • Mr 97's BMC admin declutter
    • The Squeegee Cult live with 3D Dyl
    • 3D Dyl's printer
    • Passion projects
    • Scaling the cult squeegee
    • A potential BMC internship
    • Awesome strangers on the internet
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    #306 - Game Show Host Ryan Jon

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we're joined by our mate Ryan Jon.

    We discuss:

    • What Ryan is doing down in Melbourne
    • Negotiation power moves
    • Frequent flyers and insider trading
    • Ryan's Business coaching
    • The most annoying things about us
    • Ryan's radio plans
    • Learnings from pitching
    • Starting and figuring it out later
    • Ryan's volleyball career
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    #305 - Sleepovers And Wet Ones

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we discuss:

    • Wet wipes
    • What Mr 97's bedroom looks like
    • A sleepover at Josh's place
    • Bedwetting indicators
    • Back and Neck Hair
    • Team catering on Mondays
    • 3D Dyl's Squeegee Cult Update
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    #304 - DJ Shergz, Dumplings and Dim Sims

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we're joined by our mate Leon Sjogren. Leon's the executive producer of Melbourne's #1 FM Breakfast show, and now, a part-time DJ.

    We discuss:

    • Our Fat Fridays order
    • Financial advice with Leon
    • New apartment problems
    • The new breed of cops
    • DJ Shergz
    • The Michael Jackson documentary - Leaving Neverland
    • Producing Fox FM's Fifi, Fev and Byron
    • The Daily Talk Show Mail Drop
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    #303 - Risky Rumours

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we discuss:

    • An update from Mr. 97
    • Josh's imposed dating rules
    • US College Entrance Fraud
    • Paying for your kid
    • The Australian Grand Prix and F1 Netflix Documentary
    • Friend of a friend rumours
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    #302 - Our New Boy Band

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we discuss:

    • Opening other people's mail
    • Sticker swap
    • Being a magnet guy
    • Remembering phone numbers and names
    • The appeal of a university degree
    • University entrance
    • The bubbles around us
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    #301 - The Banana Effect

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we discuss:

    • Forgetting dates
    • Bodhi's bad habits
    • War rules
    • Chinese cyber attacks
    • FakeMelania

    • Skin checks and cancer
    • How Josh orders food
    • Going to medical appointments
    • Josh's coffee predicament
    • Another sticker run
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    #300 - Mr. 97's First Time

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we discuss:

    • Celebrating our 300th episode
    • Adjusting slogans
    • Last night's BMC Christmas dinner
    • Mr. 97's first times
    • Animals at The Espy
    • The IKEA clusterf*ck
    • Our next Fat Fridays idea
    • Driving to the gym
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    #299 - Creme Eggs And Reese's Ice-Cream

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we discuss:

    • Our Fat Fridays blowout
    • How listeners find our show
    • Featuring on RBT
    • Leaving the pressure cooker unattended
    • Mr. 97's first Cadbury Creme Egg
    • Meat substitutes
    • Mr. 97's Maccas drive through order
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    #298 - Still Got The Virus

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we discuss:

    • Tommy's bathroom surprise
    • Social anxiety at the gym
    • Places of discomfort
    • Reality TV stars and advertisements
    • 3D Dyl's update on the squeegees
    • Our check in with Erik
  32. Thumb 1551846000 artwork

    #297 - Josh's Fasting Fail

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we discuss:

    • Josh finally having a routine
    • Putting together IKEA furniture
    • Josh's personal AusPost mailman
    • Product warranty
    • Techie Tommy coming to the rescue
    • Josh's first green vegetable juice fast
    • New apartment grocery shopping
  33. Thumb 1551750102 artwork

    #296 - The Worst Three Way

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we discuss:

    • Losing a great episode
    • Walkie Talkie chats across Melbourne
    • Mr. 97's new date plans
    • It all going downhill
  34. Thumb 1551665723 artwork

    #295 - Dating Release Forms

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we discuss:

    • Tommy's alcohol update
    • The 3km Club
    • Broadcasting our show on radio
    • Josh's new internet
    • Community radio
    • An update with Mr. 97
  35. Thumb 1551328526 artwork

    #294 - Tommy's Been Exploited

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we discuss:

    • Our Fat Fridays sugar meltdown
    • The new face of consent with Ryan Jon
    • Who owns the content you make when you're an employee
    • Ryan's new internship
    • Working for free
    • A squeegee cult update
  36. Thumb 1551315361 artwork

    #293 - Erik's Perspective

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we discuss:

    • Public transport and the anxiety of Myki cards
    • The consequences of giving references
    • Receiving international support for Mr. 97 and his quest for love
    • Checking in with our American Correspondent
    • Erik's perspective on life in America
  37. Thumb 1551232388 artwork

    #292 - Improv with Dr. Jason Fox

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we're joined by our mate Dr. Jason Fox. Jason is a motivational speaker, leadership advisor and philosopher who helps two gronks make sense of the world.

    We discuss:

    • The different types of psychology
    • How Mr. 97 felt about his first date
    • Dr. Jason Fox vs Jason fox
    • Collaboration
    • Measuring your progress
    • Jason's outlook on the future
    • Staying the course
    • Putting trust in someone you're working with
    • Handling feedback
    • Jason's thoughts on social media
    • Improv
  38. Thumb 1551142794 artwork

    #291 - Run-Of-The-Mill Podcaster

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we discuss:

    • Mr. 97's nickname
    • Tommy's Wikipedia page
    • Events and networking
    • Mark Bouris and The Mentor
    • Dates and phone numbers
    • Dealing with honest feedback
    • Taking Josh's dating advice
  39. Thumb 1551051886 artwork

    #290 - Cyclone Shameless

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we discuss:

    • Tommy's trip to Sydney
    • An update on Mr. 97's big weekend
    • Love advice with Gemma Watts
    • Mr. 97's first date happening Tuesday
  40. Thumb 1550797732 artwork

    #289 - Mushroom Dealer Mason Taylor

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we're joined by Mason Taylor. In addition to being Jack Post's mushroom dealer, Mason is a health educator, speaker, and podcast host who loves sharing how to navigate the evolving world of health, and has a special interest in herbalism.

    We discuss:

    • Mason's vagabonding trip
    • The benefits of mushrooms
    • Listening to your body
    • Doing what's best for your 80 year old self
    • Our Uber Eats delivery
    • The Ketogenic diet
    • Avoiding pesticides and chemicals
    • Trojan horsing herbs
    • Paul Stamets and the Westernisation of mushrooms
    • Sourcing for SuperFeast
    • Running SuperFeast
  41. Thumb 1550707861 artwork

    #288 - Finding Mr. 97 A Life Partner

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we discuss:

    • Being told what to do
    • Having a boss
    • Sexpo and perverts
    • Mr. 97's Tinder and love life
    • Erik's dating advice for Mr. 97
    • Validating Josh's milestone walk with Erik
  42. Thumb 1550647173 artwork

    #287 - The Art Of Being Dirty With Matt D'Avella

    We discuss:

    • Matt's new documentary, The Other Side of Burnout
    • Jason Zook (Wandering Aimfully) and hustle bros
    • When to take your foot off the gas
    • The next phase of The Ground Up Show
    • Matt's interesting day as a filmmaker
    • Having multiple personas as a creator
    • An update on Matt's sunburn
    • The Chipotle food diary
  43. Thumb 1550535267 artwork

    #286 - Two Big Babies

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we discuss:

    • Being a big baby
    • Our biggest promise yet.. sort of
    • Josh's Instagram personalities
    • AFL, soccer and rugby
    • Meeting your sporting heroes
    • Even more promises
    • Making it all about yourself
    • Giving feedback
  44. Thumb 1550209867 artwork

    #285 - The Buck Stops Here

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we discuss:

    • Product Promotion
    • Tommy's face swap addiction
    • Footy club songs
    • Interesting skills
    • Strange Fears
    • Josh's new apartment
    • The final conclusion to in/on the line
  45. Thumb 1550207006 artwork

    #284 - Our American Correspondent

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we discuss:

    • Mr. 97's Fat Fridays surprise
    • Data Privacy
    • Scooter Derek's new tech gear
    • Valentine's Day gifts
    • Our first live call
    • Erik's Lipton Iced Tea requirement
  46. Thumb 1550031979 artwork

    #283 - The Milestone Player Jack Post

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we're joined by our mate Jack Post. Cacklin' Jack is the sidekick and producer on the Christian O'Connell Breakfast Show, and works alongside Hamish and Andy on their podcast.

    We discuss:

    • Mushroom tea
    • Jack's first UFC match
    • Wikipedia pages
    • Bitcoin lessons
    • Mr Ralph's flights
    • Caring less
    • An update on Americanisms
    • Early adopters
    • Jack's new band
  47. Thumb 1550018180 artwork

    #282 - Running Out Of Food

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we discuss:

    • Feedback on the official start of the week
    • A new potential segment
    • Sam Harris' meditation app
    • Paying what you think it's worth
    • Cultural dinners
    • Subsidised food
    • Muscle gains and eating more
  48. Thumb 1549864209 artwork

    #281 - Old Mate Naysan

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we are joined by Josh's mate Naysan. Naysan and Josh travelled around the world working on a project for Envato. Naysan is a follower of the Baha’i Faith and he’s worked in various avenues of media for two decades.

    We discuss:

    • Our Old Mate segment
    • Travelling the world with Naysan
    • Living with sleep apnea
    • The Envato trip
    • Persian culture
    • Working at CNN
    • Kashke bademjan
    • Refugees
    • The Baha'i faith
  49. Thumb 1549848655 artwork

    #280 - Schools and Prison

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we discuss:

    • The official start of the week
    • Real world maths
    • Giving more compliments
    • Shelving
    • Internet in prison
    • School excursions
    • Punishments at school
  50. Thumb 1549594917 artwork

    #279 - Stolen Property

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we discuss:

    • Our Nandos order for Fat Fridays
    • The Anchorman podcast
    • Second hand DNA
    • Our pallet problem
    • Library loan limits
    • The videos we'll be making this month
  51. Thumb 1549501227 artwork

    #278 - Tradie Dick

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we discuss:

    • Animal testing
    • When to tell people it won't work
    • Remembering people's names
    • Cancer specialists
    • Circumcisions in 2019
    • Gronk insurance behaviour
    • Josh the social media investigator
  52. Thumb 1549329058 artwork

    #277 - Counting My Chews

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we discuss:

    • Being unlucky in love
    • Tommy's coaching degree
    • Keystone habits and consistency
    • Time spent thinking about food
    • Routines and flexibility
    • Speaking American and watching anime
    • Josh's future lavender garden
  53. Thumb 1549326856 artwork

    #276 - Periscope Pete, Josh's Walking Coach

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we're joined by our mate Peter Shepherd. Peter aka Human Periscope is a coach, presenter and collaborator who is currently a head coach at AltMBA.

    We discuss: - Being Josh's walking partner - What is coaching? - Josh's future profession - The pursuit of hobbies - The convergence of work and passion - Announcements and promises - Pete's experience with social media - The balance between overthinking and improving - Creating an environment for relatability and authenticity - The learnings from Pete's podcast, The Long and The Short Of It

  54. Thumb 1549237942 artwork

    #275 - Chased By Debt Collectors

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we discuss:

    • Tommy's Apple AirPods troll
    • Josh dropping his laptop
    • Severe Instagram gronkness
    • Social media usernames
    • Apple's entertaining hold music
    • iiNet debt collectors
    • Couples therapy
    • Celebrity doctors, psychologists and chefs
    • Getting fired in the radio biz
  55. Thumb 1548992814 artwork

    #274 - Gemma's Not A Munter

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we're joined by our mate Gemma Watts. Gemma is a Melbourne based copywriter, podcaster and content creator.

    We discuss:

    • A nostalgic Fat Fridays snack surprise
    • A bug in Josh's code
    • The problem with psychologists
    • Thinking before you speak
    • The illusions of social media
    • Keeping up with pop culture
    • Spray tans
    • Get Hairy February
    • Gemma's ambitious New Year Resolutions
    • Crossing the lines with pranks
    • Sobriety
  56. Thumb 1548897615 artwork

    #273 - Vet, Illustrator, Spy Dr Kim Lam

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we're joined by Dr Kim Lam. Kim is an illustrator who is currently on hiatus from her past-life as a veterinarian.

    We discuss:

    • Pet prerequisites
    • Unconventional dog treats
    • Bitcoin and anaesthetists
    • Josh's big entrepreneurial venture
    • Kim's 'Small Pleasures' challenge
    • Tips for creative uncertainty
    • Daydreaming of spies and PIs
    • Privacy, iPads and illustrations
    • Western noses
    • Study hacks
    • Consistency and routines
  57. Thumb 1548828237 artwork

    #272 - The Pain Of Collaborating

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we discuss:

    • Living with bad breath
    • Feeding dogs cooked bones
    • Josh is now showering twice a day and he’s getting results
    • Pets with big personalities
    • Another blow-up at Big Media Company
    • The pain of collaborating on creative projects
    • Secretly listening to people through FaceTime
  58. Thumb 1548731028 artwork

    #271 - Tommy's Anxious Dream

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we discuss:

    • A special one with Mum
    • Talking to the post
    • Beta testing Uber Eats
    • Lending things to friends
    • Josh's everyday carry
    • An update on This Is Marketing handwritten
    • Tommy's apology
  59. Thumb 1548626642 artwork

    #270 - Hand Games To Get Girls

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we discuss:

    • Blowing out on the weekend
    • Primed for shopping
    • Gronks in the drive through
    • Listener Kyle asks for advice
    • Mail time
    • Meditation
    • YouTube recommends...
    • Tommy's a boss at the gym
    • Taking ownership
  60. Thumb 1548383582 artwork

    #269 - In The Sauna With Christian Hull

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we discuss:

    • Our Maccas order for Fat Fridays
    • Christian's medical advice
    • Sleeping in the heat
    • Christian nearly buying a house
    • Influencers, sponsorships and monetisation
    • Sauna, spas and holes
    • Grindr and superfans
    • Crystals and coins
    • Trolls
    • Christian's 2019 tour
  61. Thumb 1548289184 artwork

    #268 - The Problem With Marie Kondo

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we discuss:

    • Our new camera
    • The problem with Marie Kondo
    • Gronk Salvos behaviour
    • Being a metrosexual
    • Tommy's mechanical obsession
    • Stalman's fashion tips
    • Wanting to be gaunt
    • Josh's latest food diary
    • The paleo guy
    • Josh's apology
  62. Thumb 1548204493 artwork

    #267 - Soggy Croissants

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we discuss:

    • Car farts
    • Dog sitting responsibilities
    • Fur coats
    • Plastic bags and shopping
    • Leftovers
    • Similarities to our parents
    • Food and relationship problems
  63. Thumb 1548120500 artwork

    #266 - Thoughts vs Facts

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we discuss:

    • Tommy's tetanus scare
    • Josh's cheese, salami and coffee problem
    • A PayID scam
    • It's not all for content
    • Thoughts vs facts
    • How to deal with other people's thinking
  64. Thumb 1548033558 artwork

    #265 - Deleting Your Ex's Photos

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we discuss:

    • Using other people's shavers
    • Housesitting etiquette
    • Tommy's habit of making inappropriate jokes
    • Livestreaming a funeral
    • Closing the loop on teacher's perfume
    • Squeegee production update
    • Gemma's perfume spreadsheet
    • Deleting your ex's photos
    • Tommy's drinking substitute
  65. Thumb 1547697206 artwork

    #264 - Camels Are Misunderstood

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we discuss:

    • A 40" Pizza
    • Elephant and animal transport
    • Josh's impulse purchases
    • Hugh Jackman's supplements
    • The weirdness of word creation
    • Border smuggling
    • Firecrackers and lasers
    • Letting your kids roam free
  66. Thumb 1547690766 artwork

    #263 - Gronk to Great

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we discuss:

    • Gronk behaviour
    • Mr 97's GoPro sale fail
    • Josh's new segment, 20 pages in
    • An Amazon eBook scam
    • Future 75 year old Josh
    • Telling off other parents' kids
    • Being a paperback guy
  67. Thumb 1547613291 artwork

    #262 - Our 1 Year Anniversary

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we discuss:

    • Our 1 year anniversary
    • Tight tees
    • Josh's theatrics
    • Being an aftershave guy
    • Getting off on perfume
    • Doubling down on impressing others with cultural knowledge
    • Josh being the MVP at a lawn bowls birthday party
  68. Thumb 1547513347 artwork

    #261 - Emotionally Honest

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we discuss:

    • Fluctuating emotional states
    • A mouse encounter in the toilet
    • Barking back at dogs
    • The meaning of shredophile
    • Tommy's gronk handbrake behaviour
    • Josh's close call
  69. Thumb 1547434654 artwork

    #260 - Sex & Housemates

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we discuss:

    • Josh's new haircut
    • Unboxing Josh's death coin, the Memento Mori
    • Untold sex stories
    • The etiquette of one night stands
    • Housemate pranks
    • The Maccas hack
  70. Thumb 1547201580 artwork

    #259 - Craig Harper On Psyllium Husk & Human Stuff

    Our mate Craig Harper joins us on today's episode of The Daily Talk Show.

    We cover:

    • How whiteboard lessons came about
    • Craig's focus on the human stuff
    • When Josh bought a few thousand bucks worth of books
    • Hobbies and side hustles
    • The love for Adam Sandler's latest Netflix comedy show
    • Asking "What's my life telling me?"
    • Food issues and unhealthy habits
    • Self management
    • Craig's take on New Years Resolutions
    • Social media's impact on Craig's life
    • Honouring the gratitude you have
  71. Thumb 1547100018 artwork

    #258 - Trev's Las Vegas Gadgets

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show, our mate Trevor Long, tech commentator and fruit infused water naysayer, joins the show from the Consumer Electronic show in Vegas! We chat about what CES is, what Trev's been eating, the latest TV technology, smart devices, getting off social media and robotic vacuum cleaners.

  72. Thumb 1547016990 artwork

    #257 - Josh's Breakdown

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show, we chat about the emails we've received, we rethink our New Years resolutions and Tommy wakes up to the sound of his neighbours having sex.

  73. Thumb 1546924439 artwork

    #256 - A Broken Nose

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show, we chat about being a handyman, camping, our listener in Siberia, smoking as kids, Tommy's broken nose and travelling with a criminal record.

  74. Thumb 1546843019 artwork

    #255 - You Can't Ask That!

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show, we chat about keeping your car clean, 2019 predictions, looking for a rental place, a progress report from the gym and Tidying Up With Marie Kondo.

  75. Thumb 1546585236 artwork

    #254 - Replace Bread With Cake

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show, we chat about Tommy's pest-like nature, an update on our cult, men's clubs, know-it-alls and replacing bread with cake.

  76. Thumb 1546493233 artwork

    #253 - The First Five Listeners...

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show, we chat about pirating films and software, Josh gets some courage telling off a stranger with Tommy, changing nappies, buying dumb shit and you can be the first member in our cult!

  77. Thumb 1546407718 artwork

    #252 - Ruining A Great Story

    On today's episode The Daily Talk Show, we chat about booking holidays in advance, selling yourself for cash and posting about the year that's been.

  78. Thumb 1546324118 artwork

    #251 - Change Of Plans

    Happy New Year! On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show, Tommy bumped into a mate last minute to completely change his night, Josh has a new favourite board game, Tommy's Dad shares his plant knowledge and approaching debates when you have no idea on the facts.

  79. Thumb 1546217123 artwork

    #250 - Our Last Show Of 2018

    Celebrating 250 episodes of The Daily Talk Show! On today's episode of the podcast, we chat about Apple Watches while trying to get work done, the secret recipe of creating the podcast consistently, New Years resolutions for 2019, goal setting and thank you for listening and emailing!

  80. Thumb 1545985289 artwork

    #249 - The Cost Of Jet Ski Insurance

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show, Tommy is about to head home from Sydney and Josh is already back in Melbourne. We chat about making money back from your old plastic bottles, the movie about the founding of McDonalds, how much we spend on food and should we go from Fat Fridays to Fit Fridays?!

  81. Thumb 1545863606 artwork

    #248 - Start By Copying People

    Our final day with Matt D'Avella in Sydney! On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show, we chat about replicating people's creative work, listening to a podcast and feeling like an expert, improvised verses scripted filmmaking and Matt's favourite video on his YouTube channel.

  82. Thumb 1545802246 artwork

    #247 - Around $97,500 In Debt

    It's Boxing Day here in Australia. On todays episode of The Daily Talk Show, Matt D'Avella joins us again in Sydney. We chat about jet lag when travelling, arvos verses avos, getting out of debt, busting your ass so you can slow down and creating entertaining self development videos.

  83. Thumb 1545693275 artwork

    #246 - A TickDick Christmas At Bondi

    Merry Christmas, everyone! On todays episode of The Daily Talk Show, Matt D'Avella joins us once again! This time at Bondi Beach in Sydney! We chat about what him and his fiancé got each other for Christmas, bringing food in to Australia, the tick story you have to hear to believe, Bondi Rescue, swimming lessons, being a loose unit with drones, filming wedding videos and telling people how much you make.

  84. Thumb 1545641064 artwork

    #245 - Sydney Week With Matt D'Avella

    On today's Christmas Eve episode of The Daily Talk Show, we're on the Sydney Harbour with our mate Matt D'Avella, who's visiting from LA. We chat about high schools in the U.S, dealing with negative comments, leaving client work for YouTube, making money on Patreon, taking an equity option instead of getting paid directly for video work and building online courses.

  85. Thumb 1545373836 artwork

    #244 - Ryan Jon & The Ham Delivery!

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show, Ryan Jon visits us from Perth. We chat about why giving no advice is sometimes the best option, we visit Quad Lock to drop off the ham prize, putting up your hand to talk, what social media channel should we focus on, buying too many books and making podcasts independently.

  86. Thumb 1545275907 artwork

    #243 - Quitting Alcohol for 2019

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show, would you leave your kid with Santa, the guy that's trolling package thieves and quitting booze for an entire year.

  87. Thumb 1545193161 artwork

    #242 - Bogan Banter

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show, Tommy overhead an interesting convo at the local cafe, receiving a lotto ticket as a gift and we deep dive on Bogans.

  88. Thumb 1545099107 artwork

    #241 - Dan Debuf's Retirement Plan

    Dan Debuf has spent the last decade in some of the top radio positions in the country. He provides a unique perspective in landing your dream job and the mindset required to do creative work. On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we chat about being honest to your listeners, focussing on the positive rather than what could go wrong, academic collusion in law school and closing the loop on bombonieres.

  89. Thumb 1545029340 artwork

    #240 - Samantha's Big Feat

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show, Samantha is all caught up, the bells on trams, gifts for wedding guests, gyros on Josh's pants and Bree, Lynn and Ryan Jon join the show by phone.

  90. Thumb 1544762810 artwork

    #239 - It's Only A Joke

    Fat Fridays live from outside Piccolina Gelateria on Smith Street in Collingwood. On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show, we chat about losing your keys, the characters on Smith Street, doing accents, when it's only a joke and Josh's Mum has some good news.

  91. Thumb 1544662951 artwork

    #238 - Outback Living With Rupert

    Rupert Ballinger grew up on a farm in remote Queensland. Back on episode 87, Tommy did the podcast live from Rupert's family property, where they were working on a short film together. Today, Rupert's visiting BIG MEDIA COMPANY HQ in Melbourne for a chat on The Daily Talk Show. We cover everything from meat consumption, doing primary school over the radio, to ringers, doggers and bushies.

  92. Thumb 1544584744 artwork

    #237 - No Spend...

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show, we're on the look out for a fizzy-water brand deal, do we teach our kids enough about urinals, an update on the ham situation and we're still taking your bids on the This Is Marketing by hand book.

  93. Thumb 1544486896 artwork

    #236 - Santa & Second Hand Ham

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show, fruit is on the agenda again, taking nuts from the supermarket, giving away a free Bertocchi ham and an adults only chat about Santa.

  94. Thumb 1544416634 artwork

    #235 - Chips, Pizza & Fruit

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show, Josh has come in to work sick, Tommy expresses his love for gymnastics, cancelling the Victoria's Secret Show party, nectarines are back in season and an update on the This Is Marketing handwritten book.

  95. Thumb 1544159145 artwork

    #234 - Dani Zeini & The Burger Business

    Dani Zeini knows how to do hospitality right. He's pioneered the burger movement in recent years in Melbourne, currently actively working on five restaurants in Melbourne alone: Three Royal Stacks venues, Grand Trailer Park Taverna and he's a shareholder in Easey's Burgers.

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show, we're doing Fat Friday's from Grand Trailer Park — one of his joints. We chat about how to have a successful partnership, expanding in to China, the McDonalds nostalgia and some good banter around the suburb of Dandenong.

  96. Thumb 1544053776 artwork

    #233 - Bid In Our Charity Auction

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show, we're auctioning off a one of a kind Seth Godin book with all money going to charity, Scooter Derek joins us mid-show, podcasts are solving murders and email us your bids!

  97. Thumb 1543979986 artwork

    #232 - Talking Chang With Maven

    Our mate Mark Ferguson is back on The Daily Talk Show. Formerly known as Cycling Maven, you can now just call him Maven. We had Mark on the show back on episode 139. Today's episode of the show, we chat about moving away from cycling, building a niche, how much time we're spending on our phones, mental health and the complexity of picking a therapist.

  98. Thumb 1543912391 artwork

    #231 - Our First Video Episode

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show, we thought we'd try something different by filming the whole thing! We chat about live-streaming next year, Josh has some weird stuff happening with his eyes, Tommy had a security guard at his school, why Aussies don't get in to uniform culture and Josh is rewriting an entire book...that you can buy!

  99. Thumb 1543797090 artwork

    #230 - Love Languages & Cockpits

    On todays episode of The Daily Talk Show, Tommy copped an eyeful on a flight from Sydney, Conspiracy Jimmy pops in to judge a photo we were sent, Josh's Dad booked in the car club Annual General Meeting on the wrong day and what are our love languages?

  100. Thumb 1543548994 artwork

    #229 - Grandstanding On Fat Fridays

    It's Fat Fridays and we're recording live from Victoria Park's grandstand. On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we chat about Josh's social anxiety, the presence of the girl at the sandwich shop, being a creature of habit, how to describe the podcast and Tommy's thinking of deleting his social media too.

  101. Thumb 1543468799 artwork

    #228 - Tommy's Regrettable Tweets

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show, social media is still a hot topic as Josh finds Tweets Tommy might regret, how to help a friend who needs it and where's Fat Fridays going to be tomorrow?!

  102. Thumb 1543383812 artwork

    #227 - Should We Filter Ourselves More?

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show, we chat about being guests on The Ground Up Show with Matt D'Avella, deciding what to share of ourselves on the podcast, questions on retiring from social media and doubling down on toe content.

  103. Thumb 1543316469 artwork

    #226 - Bye-Bye From Bodhi

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show, we're live from Tommy's place in St Kilda. We chat about Train Driver Danny's emails, Tommy thinks Josh should start Martial Arts and Bodhi and Amy visit the show!

  104. Thumb 1543212248 artwork

    #225 - Josh Deleted His Social Media

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we chat about why Mr 97 didn't vote in the state elections, Tommy nearly got into a punch-on with a politician, the rules around specials at pubs, a real life con artist and Josh has retired from social media.

  105. Thumb 1542950519 artwork

    #224 - Live From Easey's Train Carriage

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show, it's our first live audience for FAT FRIDAYS at Easey's — a burger joint on Easey Street!

    We chat with @jimmysburgers, @hulksmashfood (No.1 Ranked Professional Australian Competitive Eater), Josh's school mate @rurueido and friend of the show Russ Keys! Graffiti, an inside look at competitive eating and our very own Black Friday special!

  106. Thumb 1542868115 artwork

    #223 - Questionable Journalism

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show, Tommy enforces the road rules on Punt Road, Josh has just finished his first ever book and who actually like A Current Affair?

  107. Thumb 1542781089 artwork

    #222 - Gold Diggers

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show, how can we force ourselves to be constantly grateful, the judgement around gold diggers, who went to Tommy's wedding, winning $50 if you have an ingrown toenail and news on Fat Fridays!

  108. Thumb 1542686493 artwork

    #221 - It's All About Status

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show, why Josh called the public affairs manager at Telstra to complain, deconstructing what we post on Instagram, the complex world of understanding status, our first conversation on Facebook Messenger and what it takes to be great at trivia.

  109. Thumb 1542608499 artwork

    #220 - Suburb Snob

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show, Tommy's on the slurpees, Josh confronts his refund fears, can AfterPay affect your credit score, actually using the library as an adult and the irrational fear of living in the 'burbs.

  110. Thumb 1542353670 artwork

    #219 - Fat Fridays!

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show, we're live from Donut King in Rowville! We chat about amateur wresting, Tommy's stint as a roving reporter for Triple M, the real reason why In-N-Out Burger do pop up shops in Australia and our new weekly Friday episode benchmark, Fat Fridays!

  111. Thumb 1542264126 artwork

    #218 - I Want To Be That Guy Who...

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show, Mister Ninety Seven joins us, a theory on radio ads, being verified on social media and finishing the sentence "I want to be that guy who..."

  112. Thumb 1542176987 artwork

    #217 - Undercover Squeegee Cops

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show, Tommy reveals how undercover cops are fining drivers using their phones, Josh relives his squeegee truth, how to best reheat lasagne and Tommy's relationship with The Fuzz.

  113. Thumb 1542091148 artwork

    #216 - Negative Feedback

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show, Tommy gave Josh some negative feedback today, which turned into a full deconstruction on how to provide feedback without resulting in a blow up.

  114. Thumb 1541997074 artwork

    #215 - Gemma Watts And Her Empire

    Gemma Watts is a Melbourne based copywriter who's built a name for herself writing for Australia's biggest beauty brands. Gem has used her extensive knowledge in beauty to power her loyal social media audience; managing to have the best of both worlds — a trusted personal brand and a flourishing client list.

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show, Gem talks about her yearly stint at the Logies, the awkwardness of quitting a job, freelance life, plastic surgery, body image and using public transport as her main way to get around.

  115. Thumb 1541746944 artwork

    #214 - Outrageous Conspiracy Theories

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show, we try and buy a whiteboard last minute, eating food from IKEA, the psychology in trying to get Josh to do the bins and we question some of Conspiracy Jimmy's theories.

  116. Thumb 1541660748 artwork

    #213 - Tommy's A Good Dad

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show, Tommy tries to shake his playboy image, gaming solariums, the challenge of going bald, premature celebrations and the final day for free stickers!

  117. Thumb 1541571473 artwork

    #212 - Two Gronks

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show, we define a Gronk, reading with a pencil, blowing up at litter bugs and finding competition loopholes like a real Prize Pig.

  118. Thumb 1541493772 artwork

    #211 - Cease And Desist

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show, Josh got in the middle of a dog fight at a cafe, a bunch of businesses have been getting cease and desist letters lately and Anthony emails about stalking online.

  119. Thumb 1541391789 artwork

    #210 - Bogan Horse Races

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show, we've had a few of our international listeners reach out for stickers, explaining The Spring Racing Carnival, taking away food in a doggy-bag at restaurants, the theme park Josh never made it to as a kid and should Apple be allowed to set up shop at Fed Square.

  120. Thumb 1541158479 artwork


    We're sending out free stickers again! On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show from Daniel's Donuts in Springvale, we chat about food phenomenons, being a punter trying to work out what your mate's house is worth, security system and reliving Tommy's car crash.

  121. Thumb 1541053837 artwork

    #208 - Craig Harper & Your Internal Voice

    Our mate Craig Harper is back on The Daily Talk Show! On today's episode we talk about radio verses podcasting, surrounding yourself with great people, Ben the unicorn car salesman and listening to your internal voice.

  122. Thumb 1540964996 artwork

    #207 - The Halloween Scheme

    On this episode of The Daily Talk Show Tommy runs us through the Halloween scheme he had going as an 8 year old, we get nostalgic about our family homes we grew up in, what to do when you bump in to someone you know at a hospital and why the hell radio personalities are still promoting the Tim Tam slam on social media.

  123. Thumb 1540882846 artwork

    #206 - BIG MEDIA COMPANY Values

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show, we chat about the different schemes relating to saving electricity, the things Mason gets up to with his mates at 3am and we run through our company values at BIG MEDIA COMPANY.

  124. Thumb 1540797297 artwork

    #205 - Kisschasey & Consent

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show Tommy took Bodhi to an epic playground on the weekend, telling off your kid even if you think they're funny, playing the game kisschasey in Primary School and what it's like to date in 2018.

  125. Thumb 1540516730 artwork

    #204 - Three Bedwetters

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show, we officially introduce you to Mason, Bodhi probably has hand, foot and mouth disease, dealing with salt in a share house, the side effects of taking magnesium, being bedwetters as kids, dodgy social media tactics and what should Mason's nickname be?

  126. Thumb 1540448615 artwork

    #203 - Parody Vibes

    Tommy has some observations around what Josh is like in an office, what we did today, having non negotiables, being distracted by Conspiracy Jimmy, selling hard rubbish, Amy misses a flight and Josh brings his brother Jake to cover the Missy Higgins' classic, Scar.

  127. Thumb 1540326860 artwork

    #202 - Gawndy On The Less World Famous Rooftop

    Daniel "Gawndy" Gawned is a breakfast radio host on 101.3 Sea FM on the Central Coast. On his Podcast, The Radio Randomly Podcast, he chats randomly to radio people about radio. He's a radio geek, having spent ten years in all different areas of the industry.

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show from the less World Famous Rooftop — A much smaller nook of the Southern Cross Austero building in South Melbourne — we chat about satellite radio in the US, changing your name for radio, why Tommy went to Shepparton, mixing the on air role with content direction, entering industry awards like the ACRAs and spitballing on what the future of radio might look like.

  128. Thumb 1540275067 artwork

    #201 - Therapy

    We're back in Melbourne! What Josh had to deal with at airport security, the content Tommy created the last time he was in the US, learnings within a relationship after time apart, not feeling different after three months of travel and trying to impress your counsellor at therapy.

  129. Thumb 1540187914 artwork

    #200 - Celebrating At In-N-Out!

    Can you hear that noise? No, not the party-poppers from reaching 200 episodes — the planes!

    We're at In-N-Out Burger, next to LAX in Los Angeles. Our final episode for the US trip and our 200th episode.

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show, we reminisce on 200 episodes and talk about our plans for the future!

    Thanks for listening!

  130. Thumb 1539913112 artwork

    #199 - Joshua Fields Millburn On Writing & Thinking

    Joshua Fields Millburn is one half of The Minimalists — a blog, which he started with his best mate Ryan Nicodemus back in 2010 to share their new perspectives through the lens of minimalism.

    They went on to create a popular Netflix documentary on the topic, toured extensively around the US and regularly inspire and educate through their books and their podcast, The Minimalists.

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show from The Minimalists' studio in Hollywood, we chat about working in a partnership, how writing helps thinking, asking 'would you be willing to?', focusing on the craft and ditching the phone to better explore the world around you.

  131. Thumb 1539828542 artwork

    #198 - Bobby Cappuccio Opting In To Life

    Robert ‘Bobby’ Cappuccio has been working in the health and fitness industry for two decades. Having grown up In Brooklyn, New York, Bobby now lives in LA, helping companies and individuals create positive change through mindset shifts. He’s a coach, a keynote speaker and a unique thinker who’s had a fascinating life.

    On today’s high energy episode of The Daily Talk Show, Bobby talks about trends vs fads, why switching to sweet potato fries might help weight loss, originating intentions, understanding motivations and what makes a good coach.

  132. Thumb 1539744140 artwork

    #197 - Josh Simons & The Music Business

    Today we chat to Tommy’s high school mate Josh Simons. Josh is now living in Los Angeles working as a songwriter, musician and is the CEO of the tech company Vampr, which he co-founded in 2016.

    Josh is a creative and down to earth dude who’s gained a valuable perspective from his time working in the music scene, starting his own record label, advising multiple startups and living in a bunch of different countries.

    On today’s episode of The Daily Talk Show we chat about what Tommy paid Josh to make a video, what Josh has learnt connecting artists with Vampr, why every musician is an entrepreneur, touring with Keith Urban as his support act and what it takes to have a successful partnership.

  133. Thumb 1539630611 artwork

    #196 - Matt D'Avella On Building Audiences

    Our mate Matt D'Avella is a documentary filmmaker behind the Netflix documentary Minimalism and the Invision documentary, Design Disruptors.

    He's now brought his creativity to YouTube, creating a successful YouTube channel with over 250,000 subscribers, and a weekly podcast called The Ground Up Show.

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show from Matt's apartment in West Hollywood, we chat about the difference of pointing the camera at yourself, the labels we're known for, not consuming the type of content you're creating, 8 months of doing stand up comedy, creating a Patreon profile and coffee in the US verses Australia.

  134. Thumb 1539548273 artwork

    #195 - Candice Thompson's Unpaid Interns

    Candice Thompson is a Los Angeles based comedian, writer, actor and podcaster. She’s a regular at The Comedy Store and Hollywood Improv and was recently featured on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

    On today’s episode of The Daily Talk Show, Candice chats about what it’s like being a stand up comic in Los Angeles, the response from being a guest on The Joe Rogan Experience, celebrities getting stage time before they’ve earned it, how her podcast “The Struggle” has helped her as a comic and we explore the possibility of becoming her unpaid drivers.

    Join us as we chat with Candice from our West Hollywood studio.. otherwise known as our Airbnb.

  135. Thumb 1539292155 artwork

    #194 - Maybe It's Greg Behrendt and Amiira Ruotola

    Amiira Ruotola and Greg Behrendt have helped millions of people in the dating game. As well as being a stand up comic, Greg co-wrote the bestselling book "He's Just Not That Into You" which Amiira collaborated on. Amiira's background as a music exec translates to a no-time-for-bullshit approach to writing.

    They've appeared on Oprah, had their book adapted into a Hollywood film and written "It's Called A Breakup Because It's Broken", "It's Just A F***ing Date" and the recently released book "How To Keep Your Marriage From Sucking" — bringing guidance from both Amiira and Greg, commentating on modern love and relationships through the lens of their own marriage.

    They also have a relationship and behaviour podcast, Maybe It's You, which is well worth a listen!

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show from Studio City, Los Angeles, we talk about how marriages change after having kids, Greg doing standup in Australia, mental health issues within a relationship and how being diagnosed with cancer changes your life.

  136. Thumb 1539217334 artwork

    #193 - Donuts At The Grove

    We've arrived in Los Angeles! The difference between NYC and LA, our rental car disaster, Tommy's changed perspective since 2012, finances when travelling and dropping the C bomb in the US.

  137. Thumb 1539123435 artwork

    #192 - Eddy "Chinese Tuxedo" Buckingham

    Eddy Buckingham is an Aussie who moved to NYC to make his mark on the food scene. With his business partner, he's created Chinese Tuxedo, a contemporary take on Chinese dining.

    It's attracted the attention of foodies across the city, as well as the who's-who of the entertainment industry. Eddy's understanding of China Town and passion for people and food resonates throughout the restaurant and our chat with him.

    In this episode of The Daily Talk Show, we chat with Eddy about the complexities of opening a restaurant in New York City, tipping etiquette in the US, being Justin Timberlake's Mixologist and what it takes to have a successful business partnership.

  138. Thumb 1539035934 artwork

    #191 - Walking The High Line In NYC

    The High Line is a former New York Central Railroad, now 2.3KM park, and the perfect place to relax in the afternoon in NYC. While we walk along the park, we chat about wacky radio stunts, meeting two personal chefs, buying DVDs, watching movies in overseas cinemas, Amazon's minimum wage and we do a live vox-pop!

  139. Thumb 1538959713 artwork

    #190 - This Is Seth Godin

    Seth Godin has written 18 best selling books. He's also our hero. We've absorbed his wisdom through his books, his podcast and his blog.

    It was an honour to be invited into his office in New York to record this very special episode of The Daily Talk Show.

    Coming up with ideas, understanding our value, when to buy the same pen as Stephen King, growing up with technology, creating perfect work and Seth's thoughts on podcasting.

    It was a pleasure to sit down and have a conversation with The Seth Godin.

  140. Thumb 1538691128 artwork

    #189 - Chase Jarvis & The Flatiron Building

    New York City always has something happening, which is why, on any given day, you can bump in to the best artists and business people in the world. For some it's their home, but for many, it's a hub that they'll frequent throughout the year to be inspired and do business.

    Today, we're live from outside The Flatiron Building with award winning photographer and CEO of CreativeLive, Chase Jarvis.

  141. Thumb 1538622610 artwork

    #188 - Josh Piterman Sings in Washington Square Park

    We caught up with our mate Josh Piterman for a chat on a park bench in New York City's famous Washington Square Park. Josh has just wrapped up performing in the Australian season of the Carol King musical, Beautiful, where he played the lead male role, Gerry Goffin.

    We chat about the importance of mediation, making it in musical theatre, the audition process, ambition and even get him to belt out a tune live.

  142. Thumb 1538491132 artwork

    #187 - Travel tension in Central Park

    Josh's girlfriend, Bree, joins us on today's episode in Central Park. Toilet banter, AirBNBs in NYC, travelling with friends, curb your dog, what Josh and Bree have learned travelling with each other for three months and creating habits so you're doing your own washing!

  143. Thumb 1538404260 artwork

    #186 - Brad Blanks Makes Moments

    Brad Blanks is an Aussie who has spent over 18 years in New York City interviewing some of the biggest celebrities in the world. He's done it with a unique self-deprecating style, seeing him move his way up the red carpet position.

    You may recognise him from Hamish & Andy's radio show where he was their go-to celebrity reporter, or on one of the many radio stations he's reported for, including his regular 101.1 WCBS New York radio gig.

    Brad is a conversationalist and moment maker with an infectious energy. On today's episode, we chat with him in a WeWork co-working space in NYC. Creating content beyond audio, ego, weigh-loss and what YouTubers and podcasters can learn from traditional media.

  144. Thumb 1538358136 artwork

    #185 - Live from Times Square!

    We've just arrived in NYC! A little bit tired, but we still manage to feed a horse and have a chat with a girl on a bike.

  145. Thumb 1538118780 artwork

    #184 - Explaining Woof Woof

    We've been asked on our subreddit what the deal is with woof woof, play-doh have trademarked their smell, how many listeners we currently get each episode and this is our final episode before we're in person again!

  146. Thumb 1538037493 artwork

    #183 - Activating Aussie Actor Rhys Mitchell

    Tommy's Primary School mate, now actor in LA, Rhys Mitchell, is visiting Melbourne for work at the moment. The perfect opportunity to catch up and give us his perspective on living in the US before our trip next week! What it's like being an Aussie in LA, What is an activation anyway, Con vs Don the fruiterer, how to tip and why it's important to collaborate and support your creative community.

  147. Thumb 1537944595 artwork

    #182 - Inside a rubber ducky

    Turkey is fancy chicken, bath chat with Tommy, a firetruck visits live during the show, the only reason Josh went to the Melbourne Show and things people have patents for.

  148. Thumb 1537882909 artwork

    #181 - Josh pulls a Dick Smith

    We're all a bit on the spectrum, Tommy is starting to question star signs, vertical vs horizontal video production, two screen viewing and Josh is pulling a Dick Smith and will no longer use

  149. Thumb 1537735992 artwork

    #180 - Who dares wins

    A final debrief of Tommy's viral 7-Eleven coffee video, being strategic with the videos you make, old Aussie TV shows, the crowds taking photos of a sunset and join in on our subreddit!

  150. Thumb 1537459821 artwork

    #179 - 7-Eleven coffee

    Tommy's video about 7-Eleven coffee has made it on, when journalists get creative with the details, the feedback from the coffee video, our new subreddit and Tommy's no longer an MCC member.

  151. Thumb 1537390930 artwork

    #178 - Travelling with mates & Join us on Reddit!

    Josh's mate Ibby got us a subreddit, Tommy makes friends on planes whilst Josh is anti-social, complexities of making friends and Josh is inspired to start collecting art books.

  152. Thumb 1537341164 artwork

    #177 - Too new for a subreddit

    Learning things on Quora, where does the power come from in the Tesla stations, drinking water in different cities, asking dumb questions, creating a subreddit for the podcast, iOS 12 and Tommy's new 7-Eleven video.

  153. Thumb 1537257985 artwork

    #176 - A lot of scams

    Grinding teeth, scamming people on Instagram, what hotels do with your passport details and giving people the benefit of the doubt.

  154. Thumb 1537168636 artwork

    #175 - Ryan Jon & what's best for your child

    Our mate Ryan Jon is in our office in Melbourne today, so we thought we'd get him back on the show! We chat raising money for charities, owning domain names, having a manager and where to spend your creative time.

  155. Thumb 1536915263 artwork

    #174 - Everything's changed & nothing's changed

    Tommy made Josh a video for his birthday, being jailed for writing fake TripAdvisor reviews, downloading software illegally as a kid, hiring teachers, copyright in Europe, how much Josh has changed over the years and climbing Uluru.

  156. Thumb 1536824705 artwork
  157. Thumb 1536700785 artwork

    #172 - Naughty with a cone

    Cones or cups, our mate rebrands his Instagram account, Google reviews, Josh comments on a post by Dick Smith and are hotel aggregators stealing money from the Aussie economy?

  158. Thumb 1536616119 artwork

    #171 - Digital content producer advice

    Cover songs are normally better than the original, podcasting a priority for regional radio advertising, controlling all of your ideas, everyone creating content and more thoughts on being a Digital Content Producer for a radio station.

  159. Thumb 1536560427 artwork

    #170 - Josh has been blackmailed

    Tommy thinks AirBNB is great, Josh is being blackmailed with an alleged wanking video, buying magic tricks, Elon Musk smoking pot and our relationship with drugs and alcohol.

  160. Thumb 1536268185 artwork

    #169 - Podcast charts

    Getting motion sick on the bus, struggling small business cafes, the cost of coffee, gaming the iTunes charts and why we're doing the podcast.

  161. Thumb 1536216203 artwork

    #168 - Got a ciggy, bro?

    Rowville has a big event happening this weekend, remembering the Corey Worthington party, a Facebook group for Ringers, onesie bikinis and minimalist parenting.

  162. Thumb 1536129771 artwork

    #167 - New Year's Resolutions

    It's September, the perfect time to start talking New Year's Resolutions, travelling like an old person and what's the right gym routine for Josh?

  163. Thumb 1536008867 artwork

    #166 - Tell us your story

    Tommy actually uses Siri, bringing insert thing to life, protecting yourself when using WiFi, tell us your story and controlling how much screen time we have.

  164. Thumb 1535922374 artwork

    #165 - Earpods and loglines

    Tommy had his 30th birthday party on the weekend, Apple will be announcing new iPhones this month, paying for your US Visa online and help us come up with a logline!

  165. Thumb 1535663043 artwork

    #164 - Last day in his 20s

    Live from Brighton Beach, what you can get away with in high-vis, one way to remove stress, when preparation meets opportunity and trusting people with dogs.

  166. Thumb 1535612174 artwork

    #163 - Order more pizza 🍕

    Wowee, this is new. We've just added our first emoji to the title of an episode. I wonder if it will work! Today's episode we talk about Tommy's mate being the silhouette in the jumping Toyota ads, care packs from Australia, catering at Tommy's upcoming birthday party, the pressure to get engaged and light and darkness of relationships.

  167. Thumb 1535490482 artwork

    #162 - Creative block

    Tommy posted a new YouTube video on his channel yesterday. It's been a while, so we decided to explore creative blocks!

  168. Thumb 1535404356 artwork

    #161 - Licking the bag

    The Daily Talk Show is creating problems with Siri, cars stuck in cruise control, novelty songs kids love, shoplifting chocolate and ending the show with an interruption from Josh's hotel.

  169. Thumb 1535364066 artwork

    #160 - It's a learning

    Internet speeds and the NBN, when Tommy was involved in a hot air balloon incident on Punt Road, dealing with loose tour guides, reacting to Bree losing her sunnies and Josh is using an app to track his 16 hour fasts.

  170. Thumb 1535061092 artwork

    #159 - Jules Lund - business, balance and being the boss

    The Daily Talk Show — Friday August 24 (Ep 159) - Josh Janssen & Tommy Jackett

    Our mate Jules Lund has had a big impact on both of our lives. He's more than just a friend! Josh and Jules worked together on the Fifi and Jules national radio show in 2012, spending many hours together editing videos, managing a large social media community and pushing their creative limits. Tommy and Jules relationship stretches across many areas, from Jules' mentorship and support of Tommy as he paved his way in radio, to Tommy creating creative video content for Jules' company Tribe.

    Jules founded Tribe in 2013. It's an influencer marketing marketplace, making it easier for influencers and brands to play together.

    We cover a lot on today's episode, from Business, balance and being the boss.

  171. Thumb 1534963547 artwork

    #158 - Mums on social media

    Having empathy for a homeless guy that's causing a bit of trouble, Tommy in pink underwear, Josh on four-wheelers, a reminder to pay car insurance and the ridiculousness that can be Mums on social media.

  172. Thumb 1534914476 artwork

    #157 - Cert III in medicine

    Bodhi has started saying a bunch of words, Tommy's liking his mullet more and more, kids losing their mind, being a morning person and getting healthy vs looking a certain way.

  173. Thumb 1534799174 artwork

    #156 - Giving gifts

    Josh has just arrived in Istanbul, the Uber hack, surprising people with unexpected gifts, wearing snapbacks, buying shares and closing the hard drive loop.

  174. Thumb 1534753782 artwork

    #155 - A friendship situation with Derek Myers

    After going on a Big Brother tangent on Friday, we thought we'd get our mate Derek back on the show. Derek was such a fan of the reality show that he'd fly up to Queensland each year to watch a live eviction with his mates.

  175. Thumb 1534489391 artwork

    #154 - It wasn't Hotdogs, by the way

    Tommy apologises for unintentionally stealing a story, Josh tells the frightening moment he was covered in broken glass on a train, Bodhi having a name like Axle Whitehead, and we chat Big Brother Australia.

  176. Thumb 1534405729 artwork

    #153 - Tommy's ex co-host & ThinkerGirl Stacey June

    If you've listened to episode 50 of The Daily Talk Show, you'd have heard a lot of stories from Shepparton, where Tommy did regional radio with our guest today, Stacey June! Stacey has made a career out of sharing her most intimate stories to her tribe of loyal listeners. The ThinkerGirls, a podcast with her mate Kristie Mercer started off as a podcast, did a stint on radio, and is now back on the platform that it all started on. As well as the podcast, Stacey has travelled far and wide for her radio work, as well as regularly appearing on Aussie TV.

  177. Thumb 1534321529 artwork

    #152 - Tommy's got worms

    Tommy's Mum would put a flashlight on his asshole to get the worms to come out, tech help for his faulty hard drive, marketing in sub-cultures and radio's best content.

  178. Thumb 1534230809 artwork

    #151 - Mirte Van Der Lugt - Taking a pill

    Mirte Van Der Lugt has built a life being paid to be creative. Born in the Netherlands — now living in Australia — she's the Creative Director at Hey Tiger, a chocolate company and social enterprise who are known for their bold branding and unique flavour combos. Being Dutch in Australia, having ADHD, long term relationships, modelling and more! Mirte is super honest and we cover a lot!

  179. Thumb 1534108474 artwork

    #150 - The big bite

    Tommy got bitten by Bodhi, lucking out, reviews of the fairy park, Dandenong vs The Dandenongs, Ned Kelly banter and two poached eggs in a mug.

  180. Thumb 1533850136 artwork

    #149 - Visiting Auschwitz

    Josh is in Kraków, Poland, which is only one and half hours away from Auschwitz-Birkenau, the German Nazi Concentration and Extermination Camps. Josh talks about some of the things he learned while there. We also cover some local Melbourne news including slower speed limits and the offer that's getting everyone requesting photos of the Queen.

  181. Thumb 1533788629 artwork

    #148 - Anxious breathing

    Pronouncing city names, closing the loop on phone numbers, the tallest mountain in Australia, anxiety when travelling and a solid word of the day!

  182. Thumb 1533710386 artwork

    #147 - Mail time & doing the show live

    It's been a while since we've checked the PO Box and we've got mail, we receive our most awkward podcast review, Tommy accidentally clicking send on an email (classic Life Trap), doing the show live and more!

  183. Thumb 1533593127 artwork

    #146 - Awkward FaceTime call

    Josh is live from Kraków in Poland. Tommy talks about the etiquette of taking photos in Auschwitz, when you should blur out number plates in videos, the weird FaceTime call and what happened with Josh and the hotel in Munich?

  184. Thumb 1533504395 artwork

    #145 - Bianca Chatfield - The Block & Netball

    Bianca Chatfield has had an amazing sporting career representing Australia in Netball. She is a Commonwealth Games Gold and Silver Medallist and has taken the leadership skills she developed as captain, into the corporate world — helping leaders within organisations build a high performance mindset. Bianca has done radio, TV, sports commentary and now joins the reality TV world as a contestant on this season of The Block. We cover health, leadership and a behind the scenes look at The Block.

  185. Thumb 1533238309 artwork

    #144 - Christian Hull and people-pleasing

    Our mate Christian Hull has turned wearing a wig and having fun into a solid career. His raw, funny and relatable videos have garnered millions of views on Facebook, and his loyal following — of over 500,000 people on Facebook alone — have seen his podcast, Complete Drivel, constantly appear near the top of the iTunes podcast charts. On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show, we talk about death, weight, money, negative comments, people-pleasing and more!

  186. Thumb 1533157904 artwork

    #143 - Croc-gate

    What happens when JJ gets too tired? He goes full Elon-Musk-slightly-narcissistic-storytelling-mode. Dealing with shit neighbours, the boat experience in Capri and Josh reads the start of his biography.

  187. Thumb 1533089862 artwork

    #142 - You're all caught up

    Speeding up podcasts when you listen, news outlets doing clickbait, Josh's boat tour of Capri, running out of washing, feeling obliged to order more at a restaurant and the reason to not lick cotton tips.

  188. Thumb 1533024222 artwork

    #141 - Talking hip hop with Josh

    Watching YouTubers on a big screen TV, personalities changing mediums, Josh is starting to deep-dive into hip hop and a couple of podcast recommendations!

  189. Thumb 1532938756 artwork

    #140 - Our first on-air vomit

    Are you meant to chew oysters, what Tommy's Dad actually did to get takeaway Chinese food back in the day, a lot of vomit chat (including a live on-air vomit), wearing thongs on the beach and testing for cancer.

  190. Thumb 1532649373 artwork

    #139 - Cycling Maven - His next project

    Mark Ferguson is the content creating cyclist also known as Cycling Maven. He's done what a lot of creators only dream of — he quit his job to pursue being a YouTuber full time. Then, after giving it a crack, he decided to change things up again. Cycling, Veganism, Cross-Fit and Fatherhood – Mark has an interesting perspective on all of them. Live from a cafe!

  191. Thumb 1532552680 artwork

    #138 - Editing your skin for Instagram

    Does it really matter if people know where you live, smoothing your skin for Instagram, how you're meant to walk and our big The Daily Talk Show Kokoda Track trip

  192. Thumb 1532465467 artwork

    #137 - Supreme flexing

    7eleven are currently running their best slurpy flavours in winter, Tommy being naughty at a hotel, Lynx Africa, the brand Supreme and thrift shopping in Hollywood.

  193. Thumb 1532415796 artwork
  194. Thumb 1532333942 artwork

    #135 - Banter with a delay

    Josh is on an Island in Italy called Ischia. The internet provides an extra challenge with long latency making the conversation harder than usual! Tommy thinks he accidentally sent a voice message to a client, which one of us is Kochie and which one of us is Sam Mac, Word of the Day and Josh has a crack at one of his old employers.

  195. Thumb 1532028623 artwork

    #134 - Mick Hall — Prison, Heroin and Rehab

    Mick Hall has lived what can only be described as a colourful life; shaded with some of the darkest human experiences and struggles. From prison time to a heroin addiction, Mick has remarkably done what many others can't — build a whole new life. He's the founder of rehab centre, DayHab, helping Australian's with the complexity of addiction.

  196. Thumb 1531976780 artwork
  197. Thumb 1531893633 artwork

    #132 - Hiring help

    Hiring someone on Airtasker to cook for you, having a dream about someones and reaching out, sending voice messages and getting the most value.

  198. Thumb 1531810226 artwork

    #131 - Slow food and machine guns

    A desire to be less dumb, where you might be listening, Karma the wheelchair brand, expensive car parking and more promises from The Daily Talk Show.

  199. Thumb 1531720205 artwork
  200. Thumb 1531428522 artwork

    #129 - Spice girl Jordyn Evans

    Our new mate, Jordyn Evans, is the founder of Mingle Seasoning; a no BS seasoning company that's all natural. Jordyn talks about the story of starting her business and the highs and lows that comes with it.

  201. Thumb 1531382001 artwork

    #128 - Name dropping

    Awkward name dropping, unable to pronounce any word properly, Jehovah's Witnesses' music streaming service, podcasting as a teen and our predictions for the World Cup.

  202. Thumb 1531295890 artwork

    #127 - Working for free

    We go deep on business, defining personal success and working for free. Love you.

  203. Thumb 1531208192 artwork

    #126 - Doing the show remotely

    Talking long form verses short form content, getting uncomfortable while travelling and how we do the show remotely.

  204. Thumb 1531113519 artwork

    #125 - Bad breath

    Happy Monday! Tommy has an awkward conversation with a bloke at the pools, when bad breath isn't what is seems and where Josh will be driving to in Italy next.

  205. Thumb 1530855175 artwork

    #124 - Leon Sjogren & The Mastinators

    Our mate Leon Sjogren is one of the best radio Executive Producers in Australia. Tommy worked with him back in the day on the street team and Josh worked with him on the Fifi and Jules drive show. We cover everything from the schedule of a breakfast producer to coming out as Bi.

  206. Thumb 1530771018 artwork

    #123 - Comparison and rebrand changes

    Winning big, another life trap as part of Josh's Life Traps™ segment, comparing yourself to your mates and some potential rebrand changes.

  207. Thumb 1530682114 artwork

    #122 - Message in a bottle

    The cost of heaters, Tommy's bro comes on to tell a story you won't forget and Josh's new segment "Life Traps"

  208. Thumb 1530597115 artwork

    #121 - Hustled in Venice

    Josh's Ryanair experience, getting enough sleep, olives in an aperol spritz and being hustled as a tourist.

  209. Thumb 1530479834 artwork

    #120 - Purpose built

    Tommy went to Daylesford for his anniversary and slept the whole time and Josh has hay fever live from London!

  210. Thumb 1530165437 artwork

    #119 - Sam Mac, this is your life

    Sam Mac is currently the weather guy for channel 7's morning TV show, Sunrise. Live from the Sofitel in Melbourne, Josh finally gets to have a face-to-face conversation with Sam, who he's been emailing for 13 years. Radio, community TV, online content and Jesse McCartney — we cover a lot of ground.

  211. Thumb 1530133186 artwork

    #118 - Out both ends

    Josh just arrived in London and is coming live from the AirBNB that he's staying at. We chat about the first class flight over here and Bree's food poisoning disaster.

  212. Thumb 1529968448 artwork

    #117 - Food poisoning before the flight

    We're on the move! Live from Tommy's car driving to drop Josh at his parents place in Rowville before heading to the airport for the start of his Eurotrip!

  213. Thumb 1529963528 artwork

    #116 - Tommy's wife Amy

    Tommy's wife, Amy Jackett joins us on the show! Tommy has an issue with this AfterPay thing and when was the last time he cried?

  214. Thumb 1529913128 artwork

    #115 - Fake ID and a neckbeard

    The day before Josh goes on his 4 month trip! All the places Tommy went with his fake ID and the time Josh got interviewed by the federal police.

  215. Thumb 1529615742 artwork

    #114 - Losing weight and all his money - Geoff Jowett

    You might recognise our guest Geoff Jowett's distinct voice. In the mid 2000s he was prominent on Australia's biggest morning TV shows, selling his weight-loss solution, Bodytrim. Through drug, alcohol and sex addiction, Geoff lost it all. His rock bottom experience has helped him create a new life for himself; with an ego in check and a greater mindfulness of what life really is all about.

  216. Thumb 1529561387 artwork

    #113 - Sandra, if you're listening

    A milestone episode for The Daily Talk Show! Sandra Sully subscribes to the show, we get official stickers and how much water is too much water?

  217. Thumb 1529478139 artwork

    #112 - Forgot Password

    All of the subscriptions Josh has, helping parents with tech, selling DVDs, a stollen motorbike and our mate with a massive chest.

  218. Thumb 1529381293 artwork
  219. Thumb 1529295528 artwork

    #110 - Your emails

    We've received a bunch of email over the last week so we went through some of them!

  220. Thumb 1529049071 artwork

    #109 - Attractive people

    It's a weird one. Josh attended a conference today where someone spoke about unconscious bias and he went down a rabbit-hole about whether he is nicer to people who he finds attractive. Bree gives her two cents and we discuss road rage and dash-cams.

  221. Thumb 1528958224 artwork
  222. Thumb 1528871386 artwork

    #107 - Peter Shepherd and the quarter-life crisis

    Peter Shepherd is a coach based in Melbourne. Josh first heard about Peter and his business, Human Periscope, when Seth Godin had Peter on his Facebook livestream q and a. We chat about doing the AltMBA program, changing your personal brand, going through a quarter life crisis and the difference of a cheap coffee. Seth Godin describes Peter as "...the real deal, the sort of person you'd want to be in the boat if you were going on a long swim in uncharted waters..."

  223. Thumb 1528792318 artwork

    #106 - Rob Ward - Quad Lock and Episode 3 of Melbourne Geek

    Our mate Rob Ward is the co-founder of Quad Lock, the most popular case for mounting your iPhone (and other smartphones) to your bike, car and more! What does it take to have a business partnership, the early days of the business and how becoming a Dad changes your perspective. We cover it all on today's episode of The Daily Talk Show.

  224. Thumb 1528688550 artwork

    #105 - Money, parenthood and suicide

    Brunch isn't the reason we don't own houses, being a parent isn't practical and the permanent solution to a temporary problem that is suicide. It's The Daily Talk Show on the Queen's Birthday.

  225. Thumb 1528412938 artwork

    #104 - No Bono & working at the fire brigade

    Bono couldn't make it, so we're doing The Daily Talk Show solo. Josh talks about his time working at the fire brigade and more questions surrounding housesitting.

  226. Thumb 1528355763 artwork

    #103 - Dirty little habits

    Josh has become more aware of a dirty little habit of his, Tommy's life as a waiter in Bondi and a risky spoonful of curry on a tram.

  227. Thumb 1528269849 artwork

    #102 - Working smarter, not harder

    It's been feeling like groundhog day for Tommy. Is routine good or mind numbingly boring? On this episode of The Daily Talk Show, we discuss the importance of how we look at time.

  228. Thumb 1528171992 artwork

    #101 - Dr Jason Fox | complex AF

    Dr Jason Fox — like all of us, he wears a few masks — Motivational Speaker, Bestselling Author, Wizard-Rogue & Leadership Advisor. On this episode of The Daily Talk Show, Josh & Tommy navigate the world of complexity, with Jason as a guide.

  229. Thumb 1528120702 artwork

    #100 - Hamish Blake on life

    Episode 100 of The Daily Talk Show! This is massive for us. We celebrate with our mate and legend of Australian entertainment, Hamish Blake. We cover a lot of ground. Too many things to put in the show notes, sorry!

  230. Thumb 1527814915 artwork

    #099 - Josh just got rich

    Have you ever thought "how does Winter actually work?", Tommy's wife accidentally killed a kitten with milk, filming Nana's funeral and Josh just quit his job and bought a house after winning big on Instagram!

  231. Thumb 1527733162 artwork

    #098 - Lisa Stephenson on understanding your story

    Lisa Stephenson is a global speaker, success coach, facilitator, MC, author and CEO of a global, Australian-based consulting firm. Tommy and Lisa have known each other for close to ten years! We delve into personal development, understanding your story and sitting in the shower.

  232. Thumb 1527680634 artwork

    #097 - Superfans episode!

    Our mate Tommy D was nearly on The Bachelor and how does Derek get to work?

  233. Thumb 1527580507 artwork

    #096 - Mental health

    The stigma of therapy, self help, creative work and collaborating with others.

  234. Thumb 1527508774 artwork

    #095 - House sitting

    The struggle of moving, bad customer service and looking after a dog.

  235. Thumb 1527218338 artwork

    #094 - Women in radio

    Josh was trolled on YouTube, the conversation on reddit and a long clunky conversation about women in radio.

  236. Thumb 1527122120 artwork
  237. Thumb 1527036795 artwork
  238. Thumb 1526972227 artwork

    #091 - Punching darts

    Margarita pizza with bacon bits, talking about people and getting high.

  239. Thumb 1526870570 artwork

    #090 - Cacklin' Jack Post's new job with Christian O'Connell

    Our mate Jack Post visits The Daily Talk Show! On Friday, he announced that he'll be joining Christian O'Connell on The Christian O'Connell Breakfast Show on Gold104 in Melbourne. We chat about radio and what Jack learnt spending 10 years working with Hamish and Andy.

  240. Thumb 1526599406 artwork
  241. Thumb 1526527006 artwork

    #088 - The fate of the gate

    The last episode of Tommy being in the outback. Today, we chat to him from Longreach airport, the home of QANTAS.

  242. Thumb 1526418795 artwork

    #087 - Tommy live from the outback

    Tommy is working on a film in outback Queensland, but the show must go on, which involves Tommy hanging on top of a water silo to get reception.

  243. Thumb 1526337527 artwork
  244. Thumb 1526250033 artwork

    #085 - Guilty

    Tommy is going out bush for a project and is feeling guilty about leaving the fam for a few days and Josh tastes the new block of Moro family block of chocolate.

  245. Thumb 1525997245 artwork

    #084 - Steam room friends

    It's a Friday fun one! Tommy makes a friend in a steam room, collaborators vs partners and some upcoming guests on The Daily Talk Show!

  246. Thumb 1525923327 artwork

    #083 - Aussie who just visited North Korea

    Josh's Instagram mate Chris Moses just visited North Korea for a holiday. What was it like? Chris gives us his North Korea experience from a hostel in Beijing.

  247. Thumb 1525850737 artwork

    #082 - Who's Tommy Jackett and Josh Janssen

    We've gained a few new listeners lately, so we thought it was time for a reset! Who's Josh Janssen and Tommy Jackett? We try to answer it on today's episode of The Daily Talk Show. We also cover ambition, your digital graveyard and Instagram themes.

  248. Thumb 1525758566 artwork

    #081 - Massaged like a bread roll

    Tommy lit his hair on fire, fancy restaurants, businesses missing the mark when communicating and is it too late to start?

  249. Thumb 1525674280 artwork

    #080 - Beyond motivation with Craig Harper

    Craig Harper, you've heard us quote him on The Daily Talk Show; one of Tommy's good mates and a well respected motivational speaker. Craig keeps shit real, celebrating episode 80 of The Daily Talk Show!

  250. Thumb 1525395202 artwork

    #079 - Socks that don't smell

    The relationship change from siblings as kids to adults, risky modelling, the vision of the podcast and Josh's socks he's worn for 5 days.

  251. Thumb 1525336936 artwork

    #078 - Josh's bro from America

    Josh's oldest brother, James, lives in North Carolina, USA. He moved there after receiving a scholarship to study Exercise Science (or something like that) at Wake Forest University, ended up getting married to an America and is now an assistant coach for a college Women's basketball team. He's visiting Melbourne, so we thought we'd get him on The Daily Talk Show!

  252. Thumb 1525252146 artwork

    #077 - Licensed

    Seeing someone get hit by a car, riding without holding on to handlebars and living overseas.

  253. Thumb 1525132722 artwork

    #076 - Creative support group

    How do you start a podcast and why haven't you started it yet? The Daily Talk Show chucks out some thoughts on creative community.

  254. Thumb 1525078693 artwork
  255. Thumb 1524801278 artwork

    #074 - Hammocks in a scooter repair shop

    Easey st, Collingwood. The Daily Talk Show live from hammocks. Our guest Derek has turned his dyno room in his scooter repair shop into a podcast studio.

  256. Thumb 1524738490 artwork

    #073 - Bad Pork Roll

    The creative process is hard — combine it with business and you have the perfect recipe for potential overthinking and burn out. Josh asks Tommy some big life questions on this episode of The Daily Talk Show.

  257. Thumb 1524624972 artwork

    #072 - Mainstream media's Trevor Long

    Chatting with friend of the show Trevor Long, Australian tech commentator! How do you get an invite to Apple events and Trevor's big black clock!

  258. Thumb 1524529174 artwork

    #071 - Pen pals

    Reflecting on our chat with friend of the show Michelle, pen pals in jail and dumped wife revenge

  259. Thumb 1524444896 artwork

    #070 - Our Internet Friends | Michelle

    To celebrate episode 70 of The Daily Talk Show we thought we'd get our long time emailer, Michelle, on the show from the UK.

  260. Thumb 1524216179 artwork

    #069 - Weight-loss

    Every time we talk about health or weight-loss, Tommy loses his mind. This episode he doesn't — a fairly calm chat about losing weight.

  261. Thumb 1524127222 artwork

    #068 - Friendship

    A conversation on friendship turns in to nostalgia chat. #nostalgiaalert

  262. Thumb 1524023022 artwork

    #067 - Steroids

    Retiring hats, going bald, back hair and steroids. Woof! Woof!

  263. Thumb 1523953735 artwork
  264. Thumb 1523862171 artwork

    #065 - Finding my birth mother | Ryan Jon

    Ryan Jon popped in to Tommy's studio today, so we decided to get him on The Daily Talk Show. He's a radio host in Perth, Western Australia with a powerful story of a search to find his birth Mum.

  265. Thumb 1523615580 artwork

    #064 - Speeding fines

    Final ep from the Gold Coast. What speed to drive when passing emergency services and bumping into friends when you're far from home.

  266. Thumb 1523490569 artwork
  267. Thumb 1523425322 artwork
  268. Thumb 1523356126 artwork

    #061 - Low energy and nothing to say

    We're tired! It's been a big day. We don't have much to say. Josh got a good deal on a Frankie magazine and Tommy describes what he ate in Europe.

  269. Thumb 1523265348 artwork

    #060 - Taking notes

    Fake meat, chucking out old love letters and taking lots of notes

  270. Thumb 1523005365 artwork

    #059 - Kids these days

    We haven't done much nostalgic content lately, so we ask the question; What sort of kids were we?

  271. Thumb 1522894848 artwork

    #058 - Storyboarding your video

    Doing things out of spite, when to break big news and why storyboards aren't necessary for a lot of video projects.

  272. Thumb 1522836019 artwork
  273. Thumb 1522741032 artwork
  274. Thumb 1522659578 artwork
  275. Thumb 1522366727 artwork
  276. Thumb 1522318313 artwork

    #053 - Being sued, becoming a PI and money

    It's Thursday, the day before Good Friday! We say it's episode 54, but we mean 53. We talk about being sued, private investigators and money, money, money!

  277. Thumb 1522217690 artwork

    #052 - Talking sport

    Josh & Tommy decide to dive into sports chat, which becomes sports gossip.

  278. Thumb 1522133047 artwork
  279. Thumb 1522048250 artwork
  280. Thumb 1521793327 artwork
  281. Thumb 1521705735 artwork

    #048 - Quitting jobs

    Open relationships, Tommy's wired and Josh going out with a bang

  282. Thumb 1521618177 artwork

    #047 - Calling Massachusetts

    We call a guy in Massachusetts after he picked up a spelling mistake on Tommy's site and our billion dollar app ideas.

  283. Thumb 1521526434 artwork

    #046 - Graffiti and gangs

    Tommy was a tagger as a kid. He gives some insights into the graffiti scene in Melbourne.

  284. Thumb 1521453592 artwork

    #045 - Getting rid of things

    It feels like it's been a while since we've chatted. With Josh finishing up filming The Minimalists in Australia and New Zealand, getting rid of stuff is on our mind...and bargains.

  285. Thumb 1521190703 artwork
  286. Thumb 1521101413 artwork
  287. Thumb 1521029192 artwork
  288. Thumb 1520941223 artwork

    #041 - Roaccutane and finding our niche

    Josh is in Sydney and Tommy's in his car in Melbourne. We both went on a super powerful drug as teens called Roaccutane. We talk about that and more!

  289. Thumb 1520820129 artwork
  290. Thumb 1520592893 artwork
  291. Thumb 1520504164 artwork
  292. Thumb 1520378022 artwork

    #037 - Kids in restaurants

    Booking flights, restaurants we went to as kids, Tommy's life hack, upsetting sponsors and more!

  293. Thumb 1520291794 artwork
  294. Thumb 1520245594 artwork
  295. Thumb 1519981283 artwork

    #034 - Fizzy water Friday

    Another relaxing Friday night, this time, at Josh's place. Talking Hey Tiger, interacting with strangers, having a TV as a kid, auditioning for a reality show and more.

  296. Thumb 1519881706 artwork

    #033 - Our best episode yet

    Recorded in Tommy's office. Josh tries bringing some pre-thought out topics to the table and preemptively calls this our best episode yet.

  297. Thumb 1519799978 artwork

    #032 - Finding cash

    Tommy seems to have found a lot of cash in his life and Josh bought art off a guy who knocked on his door when he was a kid.

  298. Thumb 1519720942 artwork
  299. Thumb 1519638328 artwork

    #030 - Fireworks from Bali

    Tommy & Josh both went to Bali in the 90s and have stories to share. Tax, religion and more!

  300. Thumb 1519339512 artwork

    #029 - Splitting the bill

    We're back recording in the same room this morning! Talking money and lending stuff to mates. Josh is a bit tired and talks too much.

  301. Thumb 1519303435 artwork

    #028 - You could probably skip this one

    We weren't in the same room for this episode and Tommy recorded straight from his mac, so it sounds like he's recorded on a potato.

  302. Thumb 1519108294 artwork
  303. Thumb 1519104019 artwork

    #026 - Bum stings and ear rings

    Tommy talks about his bum hole stinging at the Dead Sea and Josh played basketball with Dwight from The Office. We're just in a simulation, guys. Remember that.

  304. Thumb 1519036422 artwork
  305. Thumb 1518776871 artwork
  306. Thumb 1518679120 artwork

    #023 - Jail time and karma

    Valentine's day, boxing, Olympics, karma and jail time. Less coffee in this episode.

  307. Thumb 1518587648 artwork
  308. Thumb 1518483538 artwork
  309. Thumb 1518400318 artwork

    #020 - Romance isn't practical

    We're going public! We've made it to episode 20. Engagements, marriage, weddings, being a copycat and does Tommy just wants to be famous?

  310. Thumb 1518140121 artwork

    #019 - The sugar has kicked in

    Everyone is wearing headphones, when podcasting first launched and the barrier to entry being lower than ever.

  311. Thumb 1518052961 artwork
  312. Thumb 1517982265 artwork
  313. Thumb 1517869735 artwork
  314. Thumb 1517802096 artwork
  315. Thumb 1517543394 artwork

    #014 - Radical honesty (ADULT THEMES)

    This episode is outrageous and might hinder our ability to get jobs in the future, but it was fun! It's The Daily Talk Show! Happy Friday!

  316. Thumb 1517451258 artwork

    #013 - Living someone else's dream

    Visualising for the perfect carpark, couples working out what to eat, getting stuck in our ways, buying houses, having an office and comparison.

  317. Thumb 1517363090 artwork
  318. Thumb 1517269593 artwork

    #011 - Selling yourself & knowing your value

    Working as a creative. It's Tuesday morning and we have work on our mind, specifically knowing our value and understanding how to sell yourself as a creative.

  319. Thumb 1517220500 artwork

    #010 - Swearing less for religious mates and picking yourself

    The latest we've recorded an episode of The Daily Talk Show. While it's storming in Melbourne, we talk about swearing, specifically around our religious mates, phrases we're over using, picking yourself and Josh's favourite podcasting app.

  320. Thumb 1516934007 artwork

    #009 - Don't touch my magic wand

    Tommy and Josh here and it's The Daily Talk Show! It's Friday and a public holiday! On today's episode we talk about splitting bills, different people at workplaces, the positive punk that you want to punch in the face, fighting with a magician as a kid, the adult jumping castle and more!

  321. Thumb 1516844495 artwork

    #008 - On the topic of travel

    The Daily Talk Show is 8 episodes in! We decided to try something different by focussing on a single topic, given Josh will dart around a dozen topics in one episode. We talk about safety, food and work vs holiday travel.

  322. Thumb 1516759993 artwork

    #007 - Daycare is HOW much?!

    The Daily Talk Show! Today is Wednesday. Tommy Jackett and Josh Janssen here! We talk about what Tommy pays for his Son's daycare, public vs private schools, happiness, buying things online, trading breastmilk with randoms, sending off a tube of spit to California and buying pills after reading a fake article online.

  323. Thumb 1516680804 artwork

    #006 - Josh joins Tommy's gym?

    It's Tuesday and Tommy's back from being sick! On this episode of The Daily Talk Show we talk futurists, stripping , becoming a stand-up comedian and joining gyms.

  324. Thumb 1516614479 artwork

    #005 - Tommy is sick and rules for success

    This episode of The Daily Talk Show is a bit different. Tommy is sick today. I tried to force him to still do the podcast but he said he was vomiting and shivering too much. Lame. But I hope he gets better. Here's a recording of Tommy with his mate Craig Harper talking about rules of success. Some solid advice and better than no episode.

  325. Thumb 1516319334 artwork

    #004 - Haircuts, booze and winning

    Bad haircuts, Surfing in the Sydney Harbour, Cool dads, The Janssen household, Lushsux and winning. Have a great weekend!

  326. Thumb 1516244312 artwork

    #003 - Toe Thumb and free stuff

    3 in a row! The Daily Talk Show! This is huge! Living with a toe thumb, regional radio, flakey people, Josh’s Mum on the show...what more could you want?

  327. Thumb 1516151458 artwork

    #002 - Rabbit holes and cheap coffee in Melbourne

    It's another episode of The Daily Talk Show, with us, Josh and Tommy. Higher energy in the ep. We discuss everything from 7 eleven Coffee to fireworks and emergency landings.

  328. Thumb 1516094182 artwork

    #001 - Sorry, who are you?

    We introduce ourselves, talk about nostalgia, our Mums having our backs and brining the lowest vibe in podcast history. It's only up from here. So listen in, invite your Uncle and enjoy.

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