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A conversation sometimes worth recording with mates Tommy Jackett & Josh Janssen. Each weekday, Tommy & Josh chat about life, creativity, business and relationships — big questions and banter. Regularly visited by guests and friends of the show! This is The Daily Talk Show.

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    #196 - Matt D'Avella On Building Audiences

    Our mate Matt D'Avella is a documentary filmmaker behind the Netflix documentary Minimalism and the Invision documentary, Design Disruptors.

    He's now brought his creativity to YouTube, creating a successful YouTube channel with over 250,000 subscribers, and a weekly podcast called The Ground Up Show.

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show from Matt's apartment in West Hollywood, we chat about the difference of pointing the camera at yourself, the labels we're known for, not consuming the type of content you're creating, 8 months of doing stand up comedy, creating a Patreon profile and coffee in the US verses Australia.

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    #195 - Candice Thompson's Unpaid Interns

    Candice Thompson is a Los Angeles based comedian, writer, actor and podcaster. She’s a regular at The Comedy Store and Hollywood Improv and was recently featured on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

    On today’s episode of The Daily Talk Show, Candice chats about what it’s like being a stand up comic in Los Angeles, the response from being a guest on The Joe Rogan Experience, celebrities getting stage time before they’ve earned it, how her podcast “The Struggle” has helped her as a comic and we explore the possibility of becoming her unpaid drivers.

    Join us as we chat with Candice from our West Hollywood studio.. otherwise known as our Airbnb.

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    #194 - Maybe It's Greg Behrendt and Amiira Ruotola

    Amiira Ruotola and Greg Behrendt have helped millions of people in the dating game. As well as being a stand up comic, Greg co-wrote the bestselling book "He's Just Not That Into You" which Amiira collaborated on. Amiira's background as a music exec translates to a no-time-for-bullshit approach to writing.

    They've appeared on Oprah, had their book adapted into a Hollywood film and written "It's Called A Breakup Because It's Broken", "It's Just A F***ing Date" and the recently released book "How To Keep Your Marriage From Sucking" — bringing guidance from both Amiira and Greg, commentating on modern love and relationships through the lens of their own marriage.

    They also have a relationship and behaviour podcast, Maybe It's You, which is well worth a listen!

    On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show from Studio City, Los Angeles, we talk about how marriages change after having kids, Greg doing standup in Australia, mental health issues within a relationship and how being diagnosed with cancer changes your life.

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    #193 - Donuts At The Grove

    We've arrived in Los Angeles! The difference between NYC and LA, our rental car disaster, Tommy's changed perspective since 2012, finances when travelling and dropping the C bomb in the US.

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    #192 - Eddy "Chinese Tuxedo" Buckingham

    Eddy Buckingham is an Aussie who moved to NYC to make his mark on the food scene. With his business partner, he's created Chinese Tuxedo, a contemporary take on Chinese dining.

    It's attracted the attention of foodies across the city, as well as the who's-who of the entertainment industry. Eddy's understanding of China Town and passion for people and food resonates throughout the restaurant and our chat with him.

    In this episode of The Daily Talk Show, we chat with Eddy about the complexities of opening a restaurant in New York City, tipping etiquette in the US, being Justin Timberlake's Mixologist and what it takes to have a successful business partnership.

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    #191 - Walking The High Line In NYC

    The High Line is a former New York Central Railroad, now 2.3KM park, and the perfect place to relax in the afternoon in NYC. While we walk along the park, we chat about wacky radio stunts, meeting two personal chefs, buying DVDs, watching movies in overseas cinemas, Amazon's minimum wage and we do a live vox-pop!

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    #190 - This Is Seth Godin

    Seth Godin has written 18 best selling books. He's also our hero. We've absorbed his wisdom through his books, his podcast and his blog.

    It was an honour to be invited into his office in New York to record this very special episode of The Daily Talk Show.

    Coming up with ideas, understanding our value, when to buy the same pen as Stephen King, growing up with technology, creating perfect work and Seth's thoughts on podcasting.

    It was a pleasure to sit down and have a conversation with The Seth Godin.

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    #189 - Chase Jarvis & The Flatiron Building

    New York City always has something happening, which is why, on any given day, you can bump in to the best artists and business people in the world. For some it's their home, but for many, it's a hub that they'll frequent throughout the year to be inspired and do business.

    Today, we're live from outside The Flatiron Building with award winning photographer and CEO of CreativeLive, Chase Jarvis.

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    #188 - Josh Piterman Sings in Washington Square Park

    We caught up with our mate Josh Piterman for a chat on a park bench in New York City's famous Washington Square Park. Josh has just wrapped up performing in the Australian season of the Carol King musical, Beautiful, where he played the lead male role, Gerry Goffin.

    We chat about the importance of mediation, making it in musical theatre, the audition process, ambition and even get him to belt out a tune live.

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    #187 - Travel tension in Central Park

    Josh's girlfriend, Bree, joins us on today's episode in Central Park. Toilet banter, AirBNBs in NYC, travelling with friends, curb your dog, what Josh and Bree have learned travelling with each other for three months and creating habits so you're doing your own washing!

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