The Daily Talk Show

The Daily Talk Show

The Daily Talk Show is an audio show by mates Tommy Jackett and Josh Janssen. They spend half an hour each weekday talking about life.

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    #070 - Our Internet Friends | Michelle

    To celebrate episode 70 of The Daily Talk Show we thought we'd get our long time emailer, Michelle, on the show from the UK.

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    #069 - Weight-loss

    Every time we talk about health or weight-loss, Tommy loses his mind. This episode he doesn't — a fairly calm chat about losing weight.

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    #068 - Friendship

    A conversation on friendship turns in to nostalgia chat. #nostalgiaalert

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    #067 - Steroids

    Retiring hats, going bald, back hair and steroids. Woof! Woof!

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    #065 - Finding my birth mother | Ryan Jon

    Ryan Jon popped in to Tommy's studio today, so we decided to get him on The Daily Talk Show. He's a radio host in Perth, Western Australia with a powerful story of a search to find his birth Mum.

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    #064 - Speeding fines

    Final ep from the Gold Coast. What speed to drive when passing emergency services and bumping into friends when you're far from home.

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    #061 - Low energy and nothing to say

    We're tired! It's been a big day. We don't have much to say. Josh got a good deal on a Frankie magazine and Tommy describes what he ate in Europe.

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