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The Daily Talk Show

A conversation sometimes worth recording with mates Tommy Jackett & Josh Janssen. Each weekday, Tommy & Josh chat about life, creativity, business and relationships — big questions and banter. Regularly visited by guests and friends of the show! This is The Daily Talk Show.

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    #110 - Your emails

    We've received a bunch of email over the last week so we went through some of them!

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    #109 - Attractive people

    It's a weird one. Josh attended a conference today where someone spoke about unconscious bias and he went down a rabbit-hole about whether he is nicer to people who he finds attractive. Bree gives her two cents and we discuss road rage and dash-cams.

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    #107 - Peter Shepherd and the quarter-life crisis

    Peter Shepherd is a coach based in Melbourne. Josh first heard about Peter and his business, Human Periscope, when Seth Godin had Peter on his Facebook livestream q and a. We chat about doing the AltMBA program, changing your personal brand, going through a quarter life crisis and the difference of a cheap coffee. Seth Godin describes Peter as "...the real deal, the sort of person you'd want to be in the boat if you were going on a long swim in uncharted waters..."

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    #106 - Rob Ward - Quad Lock and Episode 3 of Melbourne Geek

    Our mate Rob Ward is the co-founder of Quad Lock, the most popular case for mounting your iPhone (and other smartphones) to your bike, car and more! What does it take to have a business partnership, the early days of the business and how becoming a Dad changes your perspective. We cover it all on today's episode of The Daily Talk Show.

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    #105 - Money, parenthood and suicide

    Brunch isn't the reason we don't own houses, being a parent isn't practical and the permanent solution to a temporary problem that is suicide. It's The Daily Talk Show on the Queen's Birthday.

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    #104 - No Bono & working at the fire brigade

    Bono couldn't make it, so we're doing The Daily Talk Show solo. Josh talks about his time working at the fire brigade and more questions surrounding housesitting.

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    #103 - Dirty little habits

    Josh has become more aware of a dirty little habit of his, Tommy's life as a waiter in Bondi and a risky spoonful of curry on a tram.

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    #102 - Working smarter, not harder

    It's been feeling like groundhog day for Tommy. Is routine good or mind numbingly boring? On this episode of The Daily Talk Show, we discuss the importance of how we look at time.

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