The Daily Talk Show

The Daily Talk Show

The Daily Talk Show is an audio show by mates Tommy Jackett and Josh Janssen. They spend around half an hour each weekday talking about life.

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    #090 - Cacklin' Jack Post's new job with Christian O'Connell

    Our mate Jack Post visits The Daily Talk Show! On Friday, he announced that he'll be joining Christian O'Connell on The Christian O'Connell Breakfast Show on Gold104 in Melbourne. We chat about radio and what Jack learnt spending 10 years working with Hamish and Andy.

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    #088 - The fate of the gate

    The last episode of Tommy being in the outback. Today, we chat to him from Longreach airport, the home of QANTAS.

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    #087 - Tommy live from the outback

    Tommy is working on a film in outback Queensland, but the show must go on, which involves Tommy hanging on top of a water silo to get reception.

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    #085 - Guilty

    Tommy is going out bush for a project and is feeling guilty about leaving the fam for a few days and Josh tastes the new block of Moro family block of chocolate.

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    #084 - Steam room friends

    It's a Friday fun one! Tommy makes a friend in a steam room, collaborators vs partners and some upcoming guests on The Daily Talk Show!

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    #083 - Aussie who just visited North Korea

    Josh's Instagram mate Chris Moses just visited North Korea for a holiday. What was it like? Chris gives us his North Korea experience from a hostel in Beijing.

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    #082 - Who's Tommy Jackett and Josh Janssen

    We've gained a few new listeners lately, so we thought it was time for a reset! Who's Josh Janssen and Tommy Jackett? We try to answer it on today's episode of The Daily Talk Show. We also cover ambition, your digital graveyard and Instagram themes.

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    #081 - Massaged like a bread roll

    Tommy lit his hair on fire, fancy restaurants, businesses missing the mark when communicating and is it too late to start?

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